Look for clues after the woman’s disappearance: Cowett County Police


Tiffany Foster

Cowet County Sheriff’s Office

The mother from Georgia left on business a year ago, and she has been missing ever since, officials said.

A year later, deputies are still looking hints about Tiffany Foster. According to family members and the Cowet County Sheriff’s Office, the mother of three children was last seen leaving her apartment on March 1, 2021.

During the c her disappearance, officials said Foster was 35 years old and lived in Newnan, about 40 miles southwest of Atlanta. She was also known as Tiffany Starks.

In March 2021 she went shopping, but her fiancé Reginald Robertson said he was worried when it was too late. For the next few hours and days, Foster did not show up for college, for her job, or for a flight she had already booked.

Her sister, named WXIA Kimberly Brian, said it was unusual lose touch with her.

“She’s my best friend,” Brian said, according to a Facebook video from a March 2021 news conference. “It devastated our family. As you can imagine, no child should worry about where his mother is and in what condition his mother is. ”

A week after Foster was last seen leaving home, her car was found about 30 miles into College Park. Her wallet was found inside, said then Toby Knicks of the Cowet County Sheriff’s Office.

Then in April 2021 Robertson was arrested on charges of kidnapping and assault. Deputies did not share information about his lawyer in a press release, but said the case was related to an incident that occurred before Foster disappeared.

Robertson was also named the person of interest the case of the missing, This was reported by WAGA.

As officials kept trying unraveling the mystery Following Foster’s disappearance, the sheriff’s office announced a $ 35,000 reward in September for clues that led to his arrest or conviction. In a Facebook post on the 1st anniversary of Foster’s last appearance, lawmakers asked everyone with information to call 770-253-1502.

Foster is described as a black woman 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 220 pounds. She has red hair and brown eyes.

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