Louis Homer calls demos “arrogant” for tying the Republican Republic to mass gunmen

MP Louis Homert responded emotionally to the Democrats’ accusations that Republicans are not worried about victims of gun violence.

The Texas Republican said his fellow Democrats were brazen after MP Eric Swalwell asked Republican lawmakers why if they don’t pass gun reform, they don’t attend funerals for victims of mass shootings.

“How dare you? You think we don’t have hearts,” said Mr. Homer. “We care about people. We care about their lives and the lives that were so trivialized. We care deeply. How do you dare? “You arrogant people who attribute the murder to those of us who want to do something to stop it.”

Mr. Homer also noted that the major cities with the highest homicide rates are run by Democrats, and asked why measures taken at the local level would yield better results at the federal level.

Emotions erupted on both sides on Thursday when the House Judicial Committee held an emergency hearing to promote a democratic package of gun control legislation.

Called the Protection of Our Children Act, it will make the arms trade and straw purchase a federal offense, raise the age of purchase of a semi-automatic rifle from 18 to 21, and provide incentives for states to pass red flag laws to confiscate firearms from people. which are considered dangerous.

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Republicans oppose the bills, arguing that the proposals violate the rights of the Second Amendment.

Mr Swalwell of California said he did not understand why Republicans attended the hearing if they did not support the package.

“Why are you here? Why don’t you go to the killer’s funeral? Because it’s the only place for killers to celebrate, ”Mr. Swalwell said.

A rare out-of-session hearing was called in response to a mass shooting last week at an elementary school in Uwald, Texas that killed 19 students and two teachers.

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