Make a checklist for home goals

Now that the new year has arrived, for many it may be the signal to finally tackle some of those long-delayed projects around the house.

In general, when it comes to your home, there are maintenance tasks you can and should do to keep it looking and performing well, which can also help give you peace of mind.

Looking to take on some maintenance tasks to kick off the new year? Here’s a quick start checklist to help you on your way.

1. Check the power consumption and load. Ask yourself: Are you using your home in the most energy-efficient way? Are your appliances operating in a way that provides adequate performance without wasting energy resources?

2. Check for leaks and holes. While winter is winding down, it also means water elements like rain and ice. Help keep your home safe by making sure holes and cracks are fixed.

3. Prioritize and list home improvement projects. So many wait until they are faced with a long to-do list before making a plan of action. Now is a good time to look around your home and make a wish list for the year.

4. Check the windows and doors. In the winter months, it is necessary to maintain low temperatures, and in the summer months – to maintain cool temperatures. Summer is a good time to upgrade or replace your doors and windows.

5. Check the quality and integrity of key items such as HVAC systems, generators, backup batteries, wells and septic tanks. When major items fail during the winter, it can be difficult to fix. Be proactive.

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