Malik Willis’s kindness makes him a favorite of the plant

Malik Willis quickly became a favorite of the 2022 NFL Scout Factory, turning heads with his impressive performances both on and off the field.

INDIANOPOLIS (AP) – Malik Willis quickly became a favorite of the 2022 NFL reconnaissance team, impressing him with impressive performances both on and off the field.

He demonstrated an exceptionally strong hand in deep throws and accurate accuracy in intermediate passes during the defenders ’prime time training at Lucas Oil Stadium on Thursday night.

And there was a video posted by Twitter user Ryan Lacey, in which the former QB Liberty gives part of the outfit from his bag to a homeless woman near the Indianapolis convention center.

After he surprised observers with his workout, Willis explained in an NFL Network broadcast: “I walked past her on the way to the Nike Suite, cut it along with them and went out with a suitcase and others. And I got sick because I saw her son. It was a pregnant woman and she was homeless.

“And I just said, ‘Shoot, I don’t have money, but I can give you a pair of shirts.’

Willis did not know that anyone was watching his spontaneous act of kindness.

“I just felt I had to do it,” he said. “I mean, I’m in a situation right now where I don’t worry about anything but how to get better. So if I could help her, I felt I had to do it. ”

As of Thursday night, the viral video had been viewed nearly 2.5 million times.

In 2021, Willis threw 2,857 yards and 27 touchdowns, and in 13 starts he threw 878 yards and 13 TDs. He has acquired a craving on ticket flags since his good show at the Senior Bowl when he spent in bad weather to show off his strong hand and showed his mobility.

On Wednesday, Willis also conducted an interesting media interview at the plant when he demonstrated a mixture of subtle humor and humility.

Asked if he thinks he should be the first quarterback in the NFL draft next month, Willis said: “I think so. But I do not make such decisions. I hate it for myself. ”


Georgia Cook, who runs in Georgia, is a much different style of running than his older brother, Dalwin Cook of the Minnesota Vikings.

Both are powerful runners, but the older Cook is more straight ahead, and James is a one-time back who explodes past defenders with lots of jukes and moves.

He is looking forward to the day when the brothers face each other in the NFL.

“Oh, we’ll make it,” James Cook, smiling that thought Thursday. “I will try to defeat him and he will try to defeat me. This is how we are competitive. So if he’s on the other side, I’ll try to beat him, and if I’m on that side, I know he’ll also try to beat me. ”

What if the Vikings attract him?

That would be a blessing, James Cook said, “but they already have a boyfriend.”

James Cook missed the Senior Bowl after helping the Bulldogs win the national championship, but he said Thursday it wasn’t just for him to focus on an elite 40-yard run in Indianapolis.

“I didn’t come out of the Senior Bowl in just 40,” he said. “I left the Senior Bowl because I felt like everyone saw me playing at the highest level, I won the national championship and played a lot of football.

“So I feel like I can showcase my talent on the combine.”


The answer is at hand for former quarterback Pete Kenny Pickett, whose right hand man on Thursday at the NFL Scout Factory weighed 8½ inches.

It would have been the youngest defender in the NFL at the moment if he had stumbled upon Thais Hill of New Orleans Saints, whose hands were measured 8¾ inches before the 2017 draft.

Like Bengals QB backup Brandon Allen, who increased his hand measurements by three-eighths of an inch on a 2016 combine harvester after registering for 8½ inches at the Senior Bowl, Pickett did hand exercises to expand his measurements at the college’s annual best league meeting.

“The reason I didn’t measure up at the Senior Bowl was because there were those extra couple of weeks,” Pickett said Wednesday. “It usually makes sense to have more time to do the exercises. … Whatever it measures, it measures ”.

Pickett’s 8-inch hands tied Jeff Blake, Michael Vic and Cliff Kingsbury to the smallest measured quarterback hands in the combine.

The picket, finalist of the Heisman Trophy 2021 and winner of the Golden Hand Award Johnny Unitas, is considered the winner of the first round of the draft. He or Malik Willis of Liberty are considered the two best QBs this year.

Pickett said the size of his hand was not a topic of conversation with the teams this week.

When Joe Barrow’s right-hand drive was 9 inches two years ago, he joked on Twitter: “Given his retirement after being informed, football will slip out of my little hands. Keep me in your thoughts. ”

Although Barrow reached the Super Bowl in his second season after becoming first overall in the 2020 NFL Draft at the Bengals, the size of the quarterback’s hand could disrupt the deal, especially for teams playing outdoors. where the weather can be bad because it can do it. harder to hold on to football.


Former Ole Miss Defender Matt Corral doesn’t throw in the combine when he returns after a high ankle sprain received in the first quarter of the Sugar Bowl.

Corral, who plans to fully participate in Professional Rebel Day on March 23, said he will need to impress teams with his football IQ in Indianapolis.

“Teams need to know that I understand the game of football,” he said. “I wanted to emphasize that. This is definitely what I wanted to show, that they know the abilities I have in my head, and not only my physical abilities, but also my mental abilities. ”

Corral said it was not easy to sit and watch other defenders demonstrate their hands and accuracy.

“It’s been my dream ever since I started playing football. I’m here with the best of the best. Now I can’t perform physically, but I can definitely show the teams what I know mentally, ”he said. “It absolutely kills me. I really want to go back there. About 2 and a half weeks ago I started running and throwing without pain. I just thought it would be wise to sit down. If I wanted to do my best, just wait until my professional day. “


AP sports writer Michael Marot contributed to this report.


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