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How Microsoft’s Entra Verified ID system works. (Microsoft Chart)

Microsoft is rebranding its identity and accessing products under the name “Entrance”, and deploying a decentralized system to verify online identities, verify permissions, and provide access to users.

The company will make its decentralized Entra Verified ID identification service publicly available in August. This is a rebranded version of what was previously publicly available as Verified Azure Active Directory credentials.

With the launch of Verified ID, Microsoft says it is implementing industry standards for decentralized identity on the Internet. promising to streamline the complex process for employee adaptation as one example.

The company positions Verified ID as an alternative to the single sign-on approach used by Facebook and others.

“Instead of giving broad consent to countless programs and services and disseminating credentials among multiple providers, Verified ID allows individuals and organizations to decide what information they share, when they share it, with whom they share it and, if necessary, take her back, ”explains Joy Chick and Vasu Jacal, Microsoft’s corporate vice presidents. in the Entra launch message.

Microsoft has been working on digital identification and access technologies in various forms for decades, but the company adopted this decentralized approach a few years ago as a founding member with Alliance ID2020.

The company is also launching a new CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Rights Management) service called Manage Microsoft Entra permissionsbased on acquisition of CloudKnox Security last yearpermission management for Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory, a widely used corporate identity and access control service, will also operate under the auspices of Entra, the company said.

Charlie Bell, executive vice president of Microsoft, is responsible for organizing security, compliance, identity and management in the company. (Photo by Microsoft)

This is part of a larger effort change the business of security, privacy and identity of the company led by Charlie Bella former head of Amazon Web Services, who joined Microsoft last year as executive vice president, leading what was then a recently merged organization for security, compliance, identification and management.

Bell recently introduced a reorganization of the division and a set of “organization principles,” according to Insider report from May 18. The principles include his belief in “creating engineering primitives as the foundation on which we can build building blocks for our various products and services, as well as our ecosystem of developers and partners”.

With the launch of Entra, prices will remain the same (monthly user fee) for Azure Active Directory and external identifiers, said Alex Simons, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of product management for network identification and access. said Mary Joe Foley of ZDNet. The verified ID will be part of Azure Active Directory, but premium services may be added later.

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