Mom choked on ziplines in an indoor park, the Illinois lawsuit said


A mother from Illinois is suing an indoor adventure park after she was strangled by a harness while riding a zipline, according to the lawsuit.

Photo courtesy of Cavanagh Law Group.

The 23-year-old mother is suing an indoor adventure park after a brace that allegedly slipped on her neck nearly strangled her, at her son’s birthday party, according to an Illinois lawsuit.

“I thought I was going to die,” Evelyn Rapir said of the Nov. 19 incident in a statement filed by her attorney. “All I could think about was my family, friends and especially the little kids who watched it.”

Rapier celebrated her 3-year-old son’s birthday at Urban Air Adventure Park in Bloomingdale – an experience that ultimately hurt her and hurt her, according to a lawsuit filed against the company and two of its employees. Bloomingdale is a suburb of Chicago.

In a statement to the Chicago Sun Times Urban Air reports safety of guests and staff is her top priority.

“One injury is too much, but it is important to remember that driving safety is a joint partnership between the park and its guests, and it is very important that they follow published and oral recommendations and instructions,” the statement said.

During the ride on the zipline, the harness provided by the park somehow weakened and wrapped Rapir’s throat.

The video from the mobile phone shows the Rapir hanging from the harness swaying and spinning during the trip.

While the children cheered and the music blared in the background, Rapira quietly fought for her life, she said.

“Thank God, I found the strength to pull the harness off my neck and survive. But many, especially children, would not be able to do so, ”the statement said. “I want people to know that this trip is dangerous and that the adventure park and its staff are careless and do not make safety a priority.”

According to a copy of a medical examination provided by her lawyer, which she underwent the next day, Rapier’s injuries corresponded to strangulation, including burns of rope around her neck.

The lawsuit, filed in DuPage County by Cavanagh Law Group, alleges that Urban Air did not properly service the ride and equipment, and that employees operating the zipline were unable to properly secure the Rapier in the harness.

“Evelyn, her family and friends were traumatized by this. They went to Urban Air Adventure Park Bloomingdale to celebrate her little son’s birthday, and it turned into a nightmare, ”Rapier attorney Mark McCallister said in a statement. “Owners and their employees have a responsibility and duty to maintain equipment and attractions, as well as to ensure that visitors are properly fastened. This was not done here. Negligence and negligence were staggering. ”

The lawsuit does not specify what compensation Rapier requires.

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