Mount Rainier opens some areas over the weekend on Remembrance Day

Mount Rainier National Park began opening some areas of the park to visitors on Remembrance Day weekend, the National Parks Service said.

Stagnant snow keeps closed some of the park’s highest areas, including Sunrise, White River Campground and Lake Movich. But many popular areas are now available.

Campground Cougar Rock and Ohanapecosh are open to visitors. Some cycles are open to vacationers on first arrival, while others require booking. The park has warned that the snow is still lying on the ground, and on Thursday in Paradise it is 13 feet.

Only some trails at low altitudes are not covered in snow, the park service said.

Camping White River, the highest campsite on Mount Rainier, remains closed. The road to the campsite is open for access to day parking. The campsite itself is expected to open on June 24.

Accommodation options are now open, including the Paradise Inn and the National Park Inn at Longmire.

The park service said this year the opening of some areas will be delayed due to heavy winter snow cover, including Lake Tipsu on the eastern edge of the park and Chinook Pass. According to the national park’s website, these areas are expected to open in mid-late June depending on the weather.

More information about the condition of the roads in and around the park can be found on the website national park site. Visitors can also call 360-569-2211 to check current road conditions.

The patriarchs’ route has been closed since November, when heavy rain led to flooding. damaged the suspension bridge which provides access to Gai on an island surrounded by the Ohanapekosh River. The route is home to colossal Douglas fir, hemlock and cedar.

This story was originally published May 28, 2022, 3:33 p.m.

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