Mr Dal Jay Walker will not run for re-election or any other post this year

Del. Jay Walker, D-Prince George’s, a senior member of the Maryland State House, who this year seriously considered running for the state Senate, said Tuesday that he plans to step down from politics if his term expires in early January.

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Del. Jay Walker (D-Prince George), a senior member of the House of Representatives who seriously considered running for the state Senate this year, said Tuesday that he plans to step down from politics if his term expires in early January.

“It was a good start,” Walker told Maryland Matters.

Maryland Dell. Jay Walker is a Democrat from Prince George County. (Maryland Mathers / Daniel E. Gaines)

The 50-year-old lawmaker, a former professional footballer and sports television analyst, brought to the House of Representatives celebrities when he was elected in 2006. He served as Vice Chairman of the Committee on Roads and Means under the late Speaker Michael E. Bush (D), but was transferred to the Committee on Economic Affairs in 2020 by current Speaker Adrien A. Jones (Baltimore County).

Walker was expected to run for the Senate in both 2018 and this year, and he would be a formidable candidate in the primaries of the Democratic Senate of County 26. But Walker said he did not think he would be able to devote the necessary time to legislative duties.

“I have some personal affairs, some family affairs, some business affairs and TV,” he said. “Things that don’t allow me to devote so much time to Anapolis.”

Walker’s decision to step down from politics so far leaves wide races in the Senate and House of Representatives in District 26, which occupies much of the southern part of Prince George’s County and includes Fort Washington, Oxon Hill, Camp Springs and Akokik. Walker’s wife, a former member of Prince George’s County Council, Monique Anderson-Walker, is running for the post of lieutenant-governor on a ticket led by State Comptroller Peter BP Francois (D).

Even with Walker’s announcement on Tuesday, the 26th there will be at least one more big political shoe: Sen. Obi Patterson (D), who served one term in the Senate but whose political career spanned the mid-1990s. years, has not yet said whether it plans to seek another term.

The deadline for nominations was February 22, but it was extended by a month by the Maryland Court of Appeals due to a lawsuit to repeal new congressional and state legislatures. Recalling on Tuesday that fate had intervened to give him extra time to make a decision, Patterson, who turns 84 next week, laughed and said, “Yes, until then I decide.”

Three Democrats have already applied for Senate, including K. Anthony Muse (D), who previously served on the Senate from 2007 to 2019. Muse, who is also a former member of the House of Representatives, twice unsuccessfully ran for the presidency of Prince George.

“My passion for ministry never fades,” says Moose, senior pastor of the Ark of Safety Church in Upper Marlborough, on his company’s website.

Another minister is also looking for a seat in the Senate: Charles Winston McNeill Jr., senior pastor of Unity Baptist Church in Washington, DC

“In various roles, I have worked to improve conditions, secure resources, build partnerships and create new opportunities,” McNeill said when announcing his candidacy last month.

Tamara Davis Brown, who is running for government for the fourth time, is also running for the Democratic primary. She unsuccessfully ran for the county council in 2010, for a seat in the House of Representatives in 2014 and again for a seat on the council in 2018, when she was just 55 votes behind current council member Sidney J. Harrison at the primaries from the Democratic Party. Davis was contemplating another election to the council, but uncertainty within the county council may have prompted her to run for the Senate: she was applying to join the race on Tuesday.

The Republican is also vying for a seat in the Senate: Navy veteran and business consultant Ike Pewson, who garnered just 7.1% of the vote against Patterson in the 2018 general election. District 26 is now a major stronghold of the Democratic Party.

Walker’s retirement means that next year the 26th constituency will send to the Chamber of Deputies at least one person who does not hold office. Dels. Veronica Turner (D) and Chris Walderham (D) are pushing for re-election, but four other Democrats are also running: Antoine Brown, an Army veteran and a member of the Prince George County Democratic Central Committee; Angela R. Jones, a Harrison Fellow at the County Council; Andre D. Nottingham, Administrator of the University of Maryland; and Kendall Wade, a public activist and funeral home owner.

Walker opened the possibility to approve candidates for the House of Representatives and the Senate in the constituency before the primaries, but said it was too early to do so.

“I support Monique Anderson-Walker and Peter François for governor – I will say that,” he said.

Bruce DePuyte contributed to this report.

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