Mummified remains of a child were found at a construction site in Florida


The Gulf County Sheriff’s Office said “possible human remains” were found at a construction site near the intersection on May 31 in Wewahichka, Florida.

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Human remains similar to a long-dead baby were found buried on a construction site in Florida, according to the Gulf County Sheriff’s Office.

The remains have been described as “mummified,” a term applied to once-living creatures that seem to have survived in hot and dry conditions.

Investigators say the discovery was announced Tuesday, May 31, in Wewahitch, a city of about 1,800 people in Florida’s Panhandle. Wewahitchka is located approximately 75 miles southwest of downtown Tallahassee.

“Gulf County Sheriff’s Office received a call today, at about 2:47 p.m., about the discovery of possible human remains,” the sheriff’s office said on Facebook.

“Preliminary investigation has revealed that the mummified remains of the baby were found by workers in a dirt mound. Investigators are cooperating with the 14th Judicial District Medical Service and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. ”

The age of the remains and the possible cause of death are unknown.

Investigators say the discovery was made near the intersection of State Road 71 and Chipol Avenue, in a neighborhood where single-family homes, businesses and vacant lots are mixed.

This is at least the second time since April that human remains found at a construction site in Florida.

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office said on April 12 that a collection of bones was found by workers at a site in Fernandina Beach, about 35 miles northeast of downtown Jacksonville.

“The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office believes these are very old bones, and they called an anthropologist from the University of the Gulf Coast of Florida to study them and help determine who died, how they died and how long ago this man may have died.” Said the sheriff’s office.

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