New Seahawks D: Clint Hurt, Darrell Taylor, Jordin Brooks

Bobby Wagner is not, he was sent to rival Rams.

For Darrell Taylor, it seems that the Seahawks are no longer in the blue.

“Oh no, it’s crazy! I can’t lie about that. It’s crazy, ”Taylor said this week.

Wagner, his teacher, his first two years in the NFL, now All-Pro, is long gone from Seattle. Seahawks threw his captain Wagner and his value was $ 16.6 million for this year in March.

“The older guy we’ve all been looking at, and that’s it. We knew about him before we came here, ”Taylor said. “So it’s crazy.

“But it’s the NFL and we know how it happens. We look forward to taking steps forward and improving our defenses. We have a new defense coordinator and we are all looking to move forward and do what we need to do to help our team win.

“And all.”

“It” is in its infancy, in the second week of Seahawks ’organized team events, which continue on Thursday and Friday.

New protection

Coach Pete Carroll is changing his base 4-3, cover-3 zone protection zone with one high security he has used for 12 years, and two Super Cups in Seattle. In January, shortly after the Seahawks defense ranked 31st in NFL statistics with 32 teams, Carol fired Ken Norton Jr. Norton was the orchestrator of Carol’s former 4-3 system. It was relatively simple. It flourished from 2012-17, when the Seahawks were better than their opponents.

This is no longer the case.

Carol promoted line coach Clint Hurt coordinator for the installation of the new system. It is faster, more diverse and more difficult to decipher offenses.

Seattle’s new defense is based on 3-4 more principles. There are two domestic linebackers, instead of one, the average linebacker Wagner has been in Seattle for ten years. Subscriber of the new signal Jordyn Brooks, an outside linebacker on the weak side last year, is inside next to Cody Barton. These Seahawks will represent outside linebackers rather than ends as pass-rachers – for example, Taylor, the team’s pick in the second round of the 2019 draft, Boy Mafe, This year’s election is in the second round of Seattle and Uchenna Nwosu, pigned from Los Angeles Chargers it’s off-season.

Asked what he thought this year’s defense could do, which last year’s failed to do, the 25-year-old Taylor became modest as the veteran he is now.

“I think it’s a pretty specific question, so I won’t go into details,” he said. “But I definitely think it just allows our outside fans to be more versatile when it comes to running, belt, whatever it is. And I think it will help us. “

Carol hired Sean Desai, the Chicago Bears ’defense coordinator last season to change the patterns and appearance of Seattle defenders. He hired Carl Scott, former coach of the Defenders of Minnesota Vikings and the University of Alabama, to teach new techniques and coatings for corner defenders and the safety of the Seahawks.

No more liners in coverage?

What does it all look like so far? What are the first differences in Seattle’s defense after two weeks of non-contact games without teams with players in helmets, T-shirts and shorts?

“The biggest difference is the front seven,” said Ryan Neal, who returned to safety. “And that’s what worries me the most because we have hungry young dogs downstairs. I think the defense will make it better for them to play a game they can play. ”

In particular, Neil, entering his fourth season with the Seahawks, says he expects a correction to the Carol-Norton defense aspect that has impressed many. He says the finishes, tackles and passes that unravel the passes will make less fall into the coverage of the pass and more of what they pay, are trained and want to do: rush to the quarterback.

Neil says there will be less huge gear inside Pune Ford, which falls into a short coverage area against receivers from below, while defensive backs sparkle. The sight of 90 numbers falling within the rebound line has caused many who watched the Seahawks fail to 7-10 to drop out of the playoffs for only the second time in 10 years last season.

“Last year we had a few problems,” Neil said, “but this year I really see that we’re fixing that and letting people hurry who needs to hurry, allowing people to cover up who needs to cover up.

“And it’s just a setting, you know what I mean? A simple change. “

211205 pc fb mora sf_Neal1.JPG
Seattle defender Ryan Neal, 26, is celebrating after the Seahawks ’defense resumed touching the San Francisco 49ers in the third quarter of the NFL game on Sunday at Lumen Field in Seattle. The referees determined that the Seahawks did not restore the touch, but the game forced the 49ers to play the fourth result. Pete Custer

There are still changes.

“Leo”, the weak side end in a three-point position, hand on the ground, in the previous Seattle 4-3 was Carlos Dunlap. The last two seasons he has been the team leader. He is gone. In the new Seahawks system, the “Lion” against the force of crime formation will stand, external linebackers in a two-point position. Most often it will be Taylor. Sometimes he will also fall linebacker in the short zone or coverage of a person, for example, when Jamal Adams resumes his role in blitz in 2020.

The goal is to make Seattle’s defense more diverse, unpredictable – and thus squeeze and confuse quarterbacks into bigger bags and bugs. More than in 2021, when the Seahawks achieved a record low of 18 turnovers in 17 games.

Either way Taylor could become the best participant he was in 2021, getting 6 1/2 bags. Or he – and an outside linebacker trained for this, rather than a lineman defense – could return to reach

“The same positions are asking us to do more, and I like it because it demonstrates the athleticism of outside fans and all,” Taylor said. “It’s exciting, and that’s definitely why we’re all excited to learn, just being able to show our talents that way.”

In addition, 22 of the 45 defense players on the off-season roster of 90 have two or fewer seasons of NFL experience.

Terminology and game challenges have also changed. This is a new language, even for the old (er) return of the Sikhs, such as Taylor, Brooks, Ford and Barton.

“There are definitely different languages ​​and jargons we need to speak, and we need to learn to be able to speak to each other for every play, every series, every series,” Taylor said.

“It’s definitely different.”

SeahawksTexansFootball (1) .JPG
The Seattle Seahawks defended Darrell Taylor, 52, during the first half of the NFL football game against the Houston Texans on Sunday, December 12, 2021, in Houston. (AP Photo / Eric Christian Smith) Eric Christian Smith AP

Hurt emphasizes responsibility

Taylor says the biggest difference between Norton and Hurt as a defense coordinator is that Hurt keeps every player accountable.

“I think his assertiveness as a coach and the fact that he’s like a man just carries over to his coaching job. And I think he makes us better every day, ”Taylor said of Hertha. “He brings us to justice. He asks us to do something, asks us to step out of our comfort zone and make us better players. …

“He’s just on us even more to make sure we’re on top of everything that takes responsibility on us. In this regard, players bring each other to justice, and coaches will do the same. It goes hand in hand. “

Hurt says this is at the heart of this new Seahawks defense, which is a new concept, players, teachers – and, as they expect, results.

“Obviously I’m a different person,” Hurt said. “That’s why I call things by their names. …

“For me, that’s all. This is what you need to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s a famous player like Jamal and Kew (security comrade Quander) Diggs, or a young guy. Everyone – and coaches – should be held accountable for what happens here. They need to feel this standard.

“And obviously when you teach accountability, you teach the whole system to everyone who is on defense at all three levels, so the guys know who should be where, who is in charge of things, who has a tough call base.

“So it’s a lot of learning when we have a piece of responsibility that is taken into account.”

Greg Bell is a Seahawk and NFL writer for The News Tribune. In January 2019, the National Sports Media Association named him the Washington State Athlete of the Year. He began covering the NFL in 2002 when the Oakland Raiders defeated author The Sacramento Bee. The Ohio native began covering the Seahawks in their first season of the 2005 Super Cup. He previously graduated from West Point and served as a tactical intelligence officer in the U.S. Army, so he may ask you to leave and give him 10.

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