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NYU needs to close its study abroad site in Tel Aviv. The preservation of the science center in Israel demonstrates complacency and thus complicity in apartheid, crimes against humanity and other violations of international law that the State of Israel commits against the Palestinians.

February 1, g.p. Amnesty International joined UN Special Rapporteur, Human Rights Watchand Israeli human rights organizations Ash Dean and B’Cell concluding that the State of Israel is guilty of these crimes.

This is not a groundbreaking discovery. Palestinians describe in detail the realities of Israeli apartheid and call for its recognition as such for more than two decades, according to Amnesty report. In November 2019, a coalition of Palestinian human rights organizations filed a report The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination concluded that Israel “created and maintains an apartheid regime.”

Most recently, in April 2021, the Council of Palestinian Human Rights Organizations submitted documents short report in CERD, alleging violations by Israel UN International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination should be analyzed in the context of Article 3 of the Convention, which condemns apartheid and racial segregation and commits itself to “prevent, prohibit and eradicate all practices of this nature in areas under [the signatories’] jurisdiction ”. Israel signed the ICRDO in 1966 and ratified it in 1979. CRLD reported with concern that it had violated Article 3 of the ICRP, as well as a number of other articles. 2007, 2012 and 2020.

The system of violence and discrimination

The Israeli barrier in the West Bank runs more than 400 miles and cuts through many cities, including Bethlehem. The wall, which severely restricts the movement of Palestinians, has led to the confiscation and destruction of much of Palestinian property. (Staff photo Trace Miller)

All of these reports detail the nature and features of Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians. Summing up these crimes, it means to pass a verdict, what information about the population – and can be said to be totalitarian – The most noteworthy are the systems of violence and discrimination. But we must summarize in order to condemn.

Jerusalem author and journalist Nathan Thrall reports in the London Review of Books, that “Israelis and Palestinians in the same territory … are tried in different courts, one military, one civilian, for the same crime committed on the same street.” Israel denies Palestinians freedom of speech, assembly, movement and habeas corps.

“Discrimination is not only national – on the part of Israelis against Palestinians who do not have citizenship – but also ethnic, on the part of Jews against Palestinian nationals and citizens,” writes Thrall.

The State of Israel is guilty of serious violations of the fundamental human rights and citizens of the Palestinians: Palestinians are exposed discrimination, violence, forced movement and ethnic cleansing. Israel’s status as an apartheid state has been recognized by many national and international human rights organizations. Moreover, Israel reserves the right ban activists participate in the Voice of the World for Peace movement or the Boycott, Deprivation of Investment and Sanctions movement – and even ban entry to foreigners who have called for a boycott Israel or its settlements. These actions are there illegal under international law.

NYU cannot with a clear conscience run an academic center in a state of apartheid, declaring non-discrimination and harassment policies be committed to creating an environment without persecution and discrimination based on race, color, religion, religion, national origin, ethnicity or citizenship.

Action against apartheid at the university

The exterior facade of New York University’s Tel Aviv Academic Center is behind lush greenery under a clear blue sky.
The New York University Academic Center in Tel Aviv contains classrooms and administrative offices. (Photo by Stanley Walker)

Measures against apartheid at New York University are not unprecedented. NYU Student Senators Council voted unanimously in 1985 to get rid of corporations doing business with the state of South Africa “in recognition of the disgusting discriminatory practices of the South African government”. Graduate Student Organizing Committee – New York University Graduate Students Union – voted join the BDS movement and called on the university to close its campus in Tel Aviv in 2016.

NYU President Andrew Hamilton responded to the GSOC vote with reading the statement “Boycotting Israeli scholars and institutions runs counter to our basic principles of academic freedom, [and] contradicts the free exchange of ideas. ” Hamilton categorically stated that “the withdrawal from Israeli investment is not considered.”

Two years later, in 2018, NYU Student Government adopted a resolution get rid of corporations “involved in Palestinian human rights abuses,” including Caterpillar and General Electric, which continue to supply NYU electricity, and Lockheed Martin, a corporate partner of Tandon School of Engineering. Later that year, the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis promised not to cooperate with New York University in Tel Aviv until Israel gives academic freedom to everyone, regardless of origin or political language. Refusal to cooperate means that the department does not sponsor faculty on the Tel Aviv campus and does not use “any of its resources to facilitate the exchange of faculty between the department and [study abroad] program “.

In response to the vote of the student government the university administration stated that he would not refuse because “the fund should not be used for political statements”. However, faculty and student groups continue to organize against the field of study in Tel Aviv. The Faculty of Color for Anti-Racist New York University has promised not to collaborate with Tel Aviv University in New York in June 2021; them open letter signed by hundreds of faculty, alumni, staff, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as several student organizations. Just last year, the New York University Review of Law and Social Change devoted to BDS. And in mid-2020, the GSOC doomed NYU’s decision to include the academic center in its list Go local sites and called for its closure.

The GSOC called for the closure of the academic center in 2016 not only because of Israel’s discriminatory entry laws, but also because of Tel Aviv’s New York University’s partnership with Tel Aviv University, which built on top on destroyed Palestinian village Sheikh Muvanis. This partnership provides internship in TAU’s medical and research laboratories for NYU students, as well as access to the university library. TAU is a well-respected research university. However, the role of the university in cooperating with the Israeli Defense Forces and in committing Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians is not well reported.

The Palestinian Society at the University of London SOAS published Fr. report in February 2009, which details TAU’s involvement in the Israeli invasions of Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2008, the role of university institutions in writing Israeli security policy and military tactics, and the involvement of university faculty and researchers in military research and developments. According to the Palestinian Society, Professor TAU Asa Kosher wrote the IDF code of ethics justifying the torture and killing of soldiers, TAU researchers called on the ISIS to attack civilians and civilian infrastructure rather than militants and military infrastructure in their wars against Hamas and Hezbollah.

The number of NYU faculty and student organizations and university institutions that have organized against the Tel Aviv Academic Center is inspiring and revealing. Thousands of members of the NYU community oppose the presence of their university in a state of apartheid and its collaboration with an institution complicit in war crimes and other crimes against humanity.

However, the NYU administration continues to reject petitions to boycott or close New York University in Tel Aviv because these demands “run counter to the principles of academic freedom” and will suppress freedom of speech, debate, and exchange of ideas. Unfortunately, the president and representatives of our university have failed to recognize that there is no and cannot be so-called academic freedom in a country that denies freedom of expression, assembly, movement and habeas corpus part of its population because of their race. , skin color, religion, religion, national origin, ethnicity or citizenship status.

Hamilton, like most liberal American scholars, unequivocally condemns violence and human rights abuses when they come from further to the right on the political spectrum or aimed at white Europeans. However, he draws a line by condemning this case of Western imperialist violence against colored people. The words “occupation of Palestine” do not seem to fill him with anything close to fear or sorrow – otherwise he could condemn Israeli apartheid.

The State of Israel is guilty of apartheid, crimes against humanity and other violations of international law. TAU is an accomplice to war crimes. However, the NYU supports the academic center in Israel – thereby discriminating against Palestinians and BDS supporters – in partnership with the TAU, tacitly supporting the violence of the country’s colonial project. This situation begs the question: Could New York University have maintained a campus in South Africa in the 1980s when its students protested against it?

Enough means enough. I say that NYU’s top management and board of trustees bring the university in line with its ideals and policies. Stop the elusive approval in universities of apartheid and war crimes. Close Tel Aviv Academic Center.

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