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The Safe Ride service is unreliable and puts students at risk. New York University needs to solve students ’problems if it really wants to prefer security on campus.

It’s past midnight. I huddled in front of Palladium and I needed to get to Lipton. I can’t walk, it’s too late and I’ve reached my last $ 20 before my salary reaches in a couple of days. I need free and safe transportation from campus. I open the Via program to order Safe Ride, and I’m surprised – it doesn’t work. This is a recurring story in college life for me and my friends. I only have one friend whose Via app runs constantly; they were appointed the face of Safe Ride in our group of friends. However, the waiting time is 20 to 30 minutes, sometimes even longer, which overcomes the whole goal of efficient and safe free transportation to campus late at night.

A safe trip on the NYU campus is a free car service provided by the University from midnight to 7 p.m. partnership with Via to, in theory, provide safe transportation for students. Don’t get me wrong – the concept is great. Vans pick up students at campus buildings and deliver them to their destination at night when it’s not the safest time to walk the streets.

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But the execution is dim: the program is unreliable, and when it works, we wait almost half an hour. One day I had to wait in the Palladium lobby for more than 25 minutes because Safe Ride wasn’t next to me. I live on the other side of campus, and as a woman it is impractical and scary to walk alone all the way home.

Waiting time is only part of the problem. The program has a faulty interface and it no longer works in most of the city for unknown reasons. It usually shows a sign that doesn’t work when you order a vehicle at certain New York University buildings away from Washington Square Park.

The variability of the application combined with long waiting times leads to a system that insufficiently serves students who are in a difficult situation and need safe night transportation. Also, the New York University page on Safe Ride vehicles provides little support if the promo code doesn’t work. It is impossible to wait 20 to 30 minutes, and even more impossible to expect students to refuse services and go to undue risk because of technical problems that can be avoided.

Low-income students who have limited transport budgets particularly vulnerable. Paying for Uber or Lyft is not a financially realistic option for many students, let alone many cases dangerous trip an experience that can make a car call less than an attractive option.

So we’re left with a safe trip to New York University – with long waiting times due to a shortage of cars and a barely functional app interface. To better ensure the safety of students, New York University should look for the best option to provide free night safe transportation for its students.

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