Nightbirde dies of cancer: AGT estimates tribute to singer


Singer Nightbirde, who performed on “America’s Got Talent”, has died of cancer.

“America has talent”

Nightbirde, a favorite of last season’s “America Has Talent,” has died of cancer, announced the show. She was 31 years old.

The Nightbirde family, named Jane Marchewski, said in a statement that she died on February 19.

“Her lasting legacy will be a gift of hope that she has given to many through her music and the strength she found in Jesus, ”her family said, USA Today reports.

A native of Zanesville, Ohio, received a golden beep from Simon Cowell during an audition that aired last June. She also received applause from the crowd and all four judges for performing the song “It’s OK,” a song about the last year of her life with cancer.

But when her cancer got worse, she decided to leave the showreports McClatchy News.

Host “America Has Talent” Terry Crews was among the stars of the show, which commented on Nightbirde’s death.

“We are saddened to learn of @Nightbirde’s death,” The crews said. “Our condolences to her immediate family and friends at such a difficult time. We love you, Nightbirde. “

Howie Mandel, a longtime judge of the show, called it “a bright inspirational light throughout our lives.”

“We must continue to live and learn from her words and texts,” Mandel tweeted. “No matter how horrible I felt about her death, I was lucky to meet, hear and get to know her.”

In 2022, Nightbirde was mostly excluded from social media, but it said in a message last month “Things were pretty tough.”

When she appeared on “AGT” last year, she said she has a 2% chance of surviving cancer, according to McClatchy News.

“But 2% is not 0%,” she said. “Two percent is something, and I want people to know how weird it is.”

She posted a candid post on the final day of last season’s “AGT” season, commenting on how hard it was not to be on stage.

“I bet you’ve never seen anyone win so much and lose so much at the same time,” She said in September. “It’s not the way history should have gone.”

Listening to Nightbirde “AGT”. has garnered more than 40 million views since June, and many are commenting on how inspiring her journey has been.

“AGT” judges Sophia Vergara and Heidi Klum posted in their Instagram stories about Nightbirde’s death.

“Rest in power @nightbirde,” Said Vergara. “Today we lost a shining star. You have been a real inspiration to us all. ”

“We love you. Rest in peace @nightbirde “, Klum added.

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