North Carolina is reopening the Washington Daily News application period

The North Carolina Office of Reconstruction and Sustainability has resumed the application period for the Homeowners Recovery Program, which is helping individuals and areas affected by Hurricanes Matthew and Florence.

To be eligible for the Homeowner Recovery Program, you must;

  • There is a house that was damaged by Hurricane Florence or Hurricane Matthew.
  • Owned and occupied his home at the time of the disaster and must continue to own his home through the completion of the project.
  • Occupied the house as the main residence during the storm.
  • Be present legally, have the legal authority to judge the funding, and be prepared to give program staff, inspectors, and contractors access to the damaged property.
  • Have a family income that is less than 150% of the district average income (AMI). You may not be eligible if your family’s income exceeds 150% AMI. For example, a family of four in Cumberland County with an annual family income of $ 87,150 would make up 150% of AMI. However, ReBuild NC encourages any applicant who believes he or she may be eligible. Homeowners who have previously applied for the program between November 2017 and June 2019 (Phase I applicants) must have a total family income below 120% of AMI.

The program provides grants to help homeowners repair, renovate, replace or upgrade their home, or reimburse them for completed renovations. Homeowners can participate in the program even if they have received funding from other sources, but they must indicate this in their application.

Once the applicant is approved, a home inspection is planned. This inspection includes an environmental inspection, an inspection of damage, an inspection of asbestos buildings, and, for houses built before 1978, an assessment of lead-based paint.

NCORR has said it plans to open a local office in the coming weeks in Washington, D.C., 570 Pamlico Plaza, where personal assistance will be offered.

To learn more about the program and apply online, visit

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