North Carolina Preschool Educator Resigns Through Pregnant Man Cards

A North Carolina preschool teacher has resigned over using LGBTQ cards in her class that included an illustration of a pregnant man.

Teacher in Ballet Primary School in the Wake County public school system he resigned last week, according to local media, after the cards were marked by a voter who contacted a state representative.

Rep. North Carolina Erin Pare said the cards used to teach color to 3- and 4-year-olds included an illustration to white showing what appears to be a woman with a pregnant man.

“The principal found a stack of cards in the preschool and made sure the teacher used them in the classroom to teach color,” said a press release released Friday on House Speaker Tim Moore’s website.

“The principal confirmed that the flashcards were not included in the approved curriculum and that she was unaware that they were being used,” the release said. “The director immediately took possession of the cards, contacted the supervisor of the WCPSS district and involved human resources.”

Progress Pride Rainbow Flag Families cards “celebrate LGBT2SQ + families of different races, ages, sexuality, gender and abilities,” according to the ByUS Box online store.

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“I am grateful that the interested voter applied and that this issue is resolved quickly and professionally Ballet Primary School“, – said Ms. Steam, Republican. “Schools should only use age-appropriate materials, and these cards clearly do not meet these standards for the preschool class.”

Last weekend, the flap drew national attention, fueling the ongoing debate over education against left-wing indoctrination in public schools.

“A North Carolina preschool is using LGBT flag cards with a pregnant man to teach children colors,” spokeswoman Lauren Bobert, a Colorado Republican, tweeted. “In a few decades, we’ve moved from Reading Rainbow to Randy Rainbow, but don’t you dare say the left is preparing our children!”

North Carolina is considering enacting legislation modeled on the Parental Rights Bill in Florida, which prohibits the teaching of sexual orientation and gender identity in K-3 classes. The measure is on track for a vote in the Senate following the adoption of health and education committees.

Repulsed by Jackie Milazo, the father of a child in a preschool special education class, who called the teacher’s resignation “destructive”, saying she was “one of the most wonderful teachers I have ever met.”

“From what we are told, these are not cards that are injected into our children. They were part of the collage that decorated the art centers, ”she told WRAL-TV.

Madam. Steam said Tuesday she praised the principal and the operational actions of the school district.

“Many loving families come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And thank God for that. Children need loving families now more than anything else. ” she said Tuesday at Fox & Friends. “But I think if you look at a card in front of a preschooler where a mom hugs a dad with a baby in her belly, it’s just age-inappropriate material to show to preschoolers.”

Fukuai Varin police officers were on the scene school during the morning car disembarkation on Tuesday, Raleigh News & Observer reports.

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