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Northside announces sports award winners

Posted at 19:55, Thursday, March 9, 2023

Men’s College Basketball: Defensive Player of the Year – Griffin Johnson

Offensive Player of the Year – Tate Gibbs, Malachi Moore

Heart and Hustle – Brandon Arthur

Coaches Award – Max Vansant

All Conference – Griffin Johnson, Tate Gibbs

All-Tournament Team – Malachi Moore

Second Team All-Conference – Malachi Moore, Max Vansant

Women’s varsity basketball: Best in many things – Olivia Jane Cahoon

Offense Award – Mariah Jones

Coach’s Award – Jean Grace DeHoog / Piper Johnson Hearts and Hustle – Kenan Woolard

All Conference – Mariah Jones and Olivia Jane Cahoon

All-Tournament Team – Mariah Jones

JV men’s basketball

Player of the year – Kevin Bereleza


Coach’s Award – Riley Respes

The best in the world is Hannah Baker

The best hitter is Hannah Black

Most Improved – Paige Smith and Jean Grace DeHoog

All Conference – Jean Grace DeHoog, Hannah Black, Hannah Baker and Paige Smith

JV Volleyball

Player of the Year – Chloe Black

Football (College)

Offensive Back Award – Marcus Clayton and Jamie Corprei

Offensive Lineman Award – Griffin Johnson and Tate Gibbs

Defensive Lineman Award — Nick Roberts and Elijah Holloway

Linebacker Award – Gus Vansant and Jayvian O’Neill

Heart of the Panther Leadership Award – Carson Clinkscales

All-Conference – Tate Gibbs, Nick Roberts, Gus Vansant (Offensive Line), Elijah Holloway (Defensive Line), Marcus Clayton (Offensive Line), Carson Clinkscales, Jayvian O’Neal (Linebacker)

2th All-Conference Team – Jamie Corpreau (Offensive Back), Jamie Corpreau (Defensive Back)

Honorable Mention – John Best, Max Vansant, Chase Tomaini and Landon Buck

football (college)

Player of the Year – Sincere Columbus

Cheerleading 2023

Coaches Award – Britney Bell

Spiritual Award – Sierra Minor

Most Valuable – Trinity O’Neill

Most Improved – Mackenzie Conaway



The best runner is Andrew Harding

MVP – Tucker Proctor

Coach’s Choice – Mason Newman

Coastal Plains Conference Runner of the Year – Andrew Harding

All Conference – Mason Newman


The best runner is Keele Scott

MVP – Hannah Smith

Coaches’ Choice – Leah Cahoon and Emma Boyd

All Conference – Keele Scott, Emma Boyd and Leah Cahoon

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