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The Northside Panthers ended the regular season with a pair of wins over LeJeune on Thursday night at home in Senior Night.

The girls took a 19-3 lead on the road to a 58-22 victory to finish the season 8-2 at the Conference Coastal Plains and a total of 15-2, both losing to 2A East Carteret.

Seniors Shayan Buck, Hansley Jordan and Paige Sawyer were honored for their contributions to the program after the game.

“Shean and Hansley moved here this season, and Paige came to us last year,” said coach Michelle Lasers. “They all come and bring something of their own. They have helped improve our communication and ball movement, and we look forward to a strong postseason. ”

Northside has been among the top 1A teams in the East all season and is awaiting announcement of the playoffs this weekend.

Sophomore Maria Jones was in the lead with 14 points, sophomore Olivia Jane (Jager) Kahun was 13 and Buck was 10.

The guys supported their post-season hopes by defeating 76-35, as all nine players in uniform scored a goal.

“We couldn’t ask for a better night for the seniors,” coach Jared Adams said. “In our last game (against Pamliko) a couple of guys got hurt, and tonight everyone got more active. We hit the ball better and it was a good way to close the regular season. I am optimistic that we will play next week. “

The Panthers finished 9-10 and 2-8 in the conference.

Seniors Hunter Brady and Keifer Boyd led with 16 and 12 points.

At the pre-game ceremony, they were celebrated alongside Fortin Beltran, Landon Cahun, Arie DeHug, Blake Fuel, Mike Jones and Bryson Proctor.

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