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Tucson, Ariza., June 3, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Paragon Space Development Corporation (Paragon) is proud to announce that it is part of the Axiom Space team, which has been awarded a NASA contract for Exploration Extravehicular Activity (xEVAS), one of two companies that have won an award with potential total volume value with $ 3.5 billion throughout the life of the program. The 10-year contract provides for the development of a next-generation spacesuit that can be used for Artemis’ missions to the moon and the International Space Station. The spacesuits developed under this program will allow humans to explore the lunar surface, provide new opportunities for space travel outside the ISS and will be crucial for establishing a long-term presence on the moon and ultimately for exploring Mars.

Paragon’s decades of experience in designing and developing life support and thermal control systems for extreme conditions, as well as the recent acquisition of Final Frontier Design – a leading supplier of space suits – make it a strong member of the Axiom team. In addition, Paragon’s experience in portable life support systems (PLSS) in developing, integrating and working with programs such as the StratEx mission (which set three world records) and the NASA constellation spacesuit system (CSSS) with the ocean will be vital for program.

“With the new opportunities we have acquired – and more than a quarter of a century of knowledge, design and operational experience – we at Paragon are very confident that our contribution to the Axiom team and NASA in this program will create the most outstanding spacesuit for NASA.” He said Grant Anderson, President and CEO of Paragon. “This once again demonstrates that Paragon is a major partner in expeditions to the moon / Mars on the horizon for the US space program. We could no longer be proud of the enormous achievement that this announcement represents,” he added. Ron Sablechairman of the board of Paragon.

Paragon is currently expanding its design and manufacturing facilities and capabilities Houston, Texas this program for years to come.

“A new caliber team is needed to equip the new era of space explorers, so we at Axiom Space are excited to work with Paragon to create a next-generation spacesuit that will allow astronauts to succeed on the space station, the Moon. and so on, ”he said Mark Greeley, Axiom xEVAS program manager. “The xEVAS spacesuit contract not only enables inspiring human spaceflight with additional opportunities, but also empowers the commercial space industry to grow and achieve more for most of humanity.”

This new NASA contract allows Axiom Space, which is currently building the world’s first commercial space station, to work with its partners to create next-generation astronauts’ suits that serve the company’s commercial customers, private space nuts and future space station targets while performing ISS Artemis needs a study of the moon.

Paragon has been a trusted leader in supporting critical operations for space, military and commercial customers around the world for over 29 years.

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