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The collection of designer Patricia Bonaldi autumn / winter 2022 is covered with rhinestones.

Well Ari Arvandwriter-contributor

The PatBO Fall / Winter 2022 show did not disappoint. Its location in the main lobby of the Surrogate Court Building in Tribeca created the stage for the show: elegant, bright and rich in detail. Magnificent green leaves accentuated the historic space, which was lined with rows of seats topped with Cattleya orchids, the national flower of Brazil – a tribute to the homeland of designer Patricia Bonaldi.

The show was divided into a number of colors. At first, the audience was presented with a sequence of white images, starting with a transparent bodysuit decorated with rhinestones, and combined with a white quilted jacket oversize. Next was a similar see-through long-sleeved top and beaded jeans. The theme of this collection was brilliant, and the images were strategically placed expressions and brilliant beads. There were a lot of matching kits, tiny tops and open expressions – the brand’s signature look.

“I liked all the details. Sequins, glamor [and] the walks were incredible. There was a lot of energy, elegance, class and a little seductive expressions, ”said model Veronica Collins.

Next was a series of blacks: a mini-dress, jumpsuit, bodysuit, and a two-piece set that stood out from the rest — consisting of a black triangular bra and skinny rhinestone pants, and white beaded tassels. contrasts with black fabric.

The show continued with brilliant silver and pale pink ensembles, but was suddenly interrupted by a transparent floral dress on the floor with a high cut on the legs – the only exemplary clothing in the collection.

(Staff photo Ryan Walker)

After the floral dress the color palette brightened: a series of intricately embellished purple dresses with necklines around the waist, a velvet quilted salmon robe and an impressive shiny dark teal tracksuit with a V-shaped line of shabby crystals on the hood. The show then ended with a sheer crystal dress with fringe and necklines.

Of particular interest were the outerwear designs of the collection. The knee-length silver quilted jacket was covered with tassels and sequins and looked like the perfect coat – something that Dua Lipa would wear while walking around Manhattan.

“I love jackets, and these giant coats were everything to me,” said dancer, singer and influential Asian Monet Ray, who attended the show.

The show had a list of exclusive guests, many of whom were influential people dressed by the brand itself. Influencer Avery Oward wore a white PatBO dress with ruffles to the floor with an open back, contrasting with a large velvet black bow in her hair and black Nodaleto heels.

«[The show] it was amazing. It was so beautiful, I liked the color palette, it matched the whole theme of the building, ”Howard said.

This collection stood out from previous label designs. Instead of the bold prints we expected from PatBO, this season’s collection was characterized by rich colors and lots of glitter, reminiscent of the AREA brand from New York.

No matter how impressed I was with the breathtaking silhouettes and handmade beadwork that rustled as the models walked the runway, I couldn’t help but notice that the brand had moved away from the original aesthetics. I would like Patricia Bonaldi, and in particular her Brazilian heritage, to be more represented in her designs. Unfortunately, the fashion industry still lacks a variety of perspectives, and Bonaldi is important. PatBO’s innovative products pave the way for a new generation of elegance.

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