Patty Murray and Tiffany Smiley to Debate at Gonzaga University in October

SPOKANE, Wash. — Sen. Patty Murray (D) will debate Tiffany Smiley (R) in Spokane at Gonzaga University in October.

The debate will be held at 5:00 pm in the Myrtle Waldson Center for the Performing Arts on Sunday, October 23. Murray and Smiley will debate ahead of the November election, in which Murray will seek to retain his seat as the state’s U.S. Senate representative. Washington.

Murray is running for his sixth term in the US Senate. Both candidates will discuss a variety of topics regarding the future of the country, including abortion, the economy and other topics.

“I look forward to discussing Tiffany Smiley this October in Spokane,” Murray said.

The debate will take place after the ballots have been issued, meaning they may take place after some people have already voted. For more information on what’s on the ballot, come here.

Murray and Smiley will also debate at Seattle University on October 25.

The debate is hosted by the Washington State Debate Coalition. They host several debates during the election season.

A couple of weeks ago, the Murray camp called Smiley an “extremist” for attending the same event as Republican Dinesh D’Souza, the man who is constantly pushing 2020 election conspiracies.

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Ticket information will be announced later. Participation in the debate is free. The debate will also be shown on TVW.

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