Perspire Sauna Studio announces expansion plans in New York and New Jersey News

The fast-growing infrared sauna franchise is looking for owners of one or more studio units amid demand for the brand’s special wellness services

NEW YORK, June 2, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Perspire sauna studiothe fast-growing sauna franchise using infrared and red light (RLT) has just announced development plans in New York and New Jersey area. News of the planned expansion was unveiled at the 2022 IFE Conference New Yorkwhere the brand’s executive team is currently promoting its franchise capabilities along with other franchise concepts from around the world. After a year of rapid growth, Perspire Sauna Studio continues to grow amid a protracted pandemic and new focus on individualized self-care and wellness options. In 2022 alone, the brand has already signed agreements for 39 new studios.

“Due to the rapidly growing demand for infrared therapy, Perspire Sauna Studio is ready for further expansion in the Northeast,” he says. Lee Brown, founder and CEO of Perspire Sauna Studio. “In areas like New York and New Jersey, residents already have a thirst for well-being and a commitment to their personal health goals. Our mission is to offer the best technology, resources and experience to any new franchisee who comes on board. Our brand continues to grow and thrive thanks to our wonderful team of like-minded people who care about the health of the studio’s owners. “

According to World Health and Fitness Associationabout 4 million New York residents regularly visit medical facilities. As this figure continues to grow, Perspire Sauna Studio will be well-adjusted for success and further development in New York and New Jersey markets. The company has already demonstrated that densely populated areas tend to demand their special services, as witnessed in markets such as Santa Monica, Chicago, Charlotte and Atlanta. Over the past few years – and amid a protracted pandemic – people have wondered how else they can stay healthy by looking for alternatives and / or additions to their physical and mental treatments.

Perspire Sauna Studio is currently looking for franchisees for one or more units interested in new career opportunities or those looking to diversify their current portfolios. Combined with 39 franchises awarded so far this year, Perspire has signed 93 franchise agreements with 23 studios currently open; 24 brandsth Location will open its doors this weekend Santa Monica.

Founded in 2010 in the village Southern California, Perspire sauna studio is committed to improving the health of body and soul of its guests, offering an individual experience for each person. The brand’s advanced technology with a full-spectrum infrared sauna, as well as its bar of medical and high-intensity red light therapy (RLT) – is what sets it apart in the industry. Experience has demonstrated the ability to improve sleep, boost immunity, burn calories, reduce inflammation and simply offer people space to allow their minds and bodies to feel better. Since the company’s founding, more than 1 million sauna sessions have been held in 23 open-air studios.

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About Perspire Sauna Studio:

Perspire Sauna Studio is the fastest growing franchise in the field of infrared sauna and red light therapy in the United States. A scientifically sound, technology-seeking, health-improving company provides guests with a modern experience of centuries of practice, allowing their body and to feel refreshed after each session. The goal of Perspire, founded and run by CEO Lee Brown, is to enter major markets across the United States to further instill its vision of making infrared wellness accessible to all.

Founded in 2010 and founded in Southern California, Perspire Sauna Studio now offers franchise opportunities for skilled entrepreneurs. For more information, visit, and follow the brand on social media @perspiresaunastudio. For information on franchising, please contact Cory Lyons,

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