Petty beats 3-early HR, Oklahoma beats Arizona in WCWS

Oklahoma City (AP) – Carly Patty of Oklahoma was part of the big moments at the US Hall of Fame …

Oklahoma City (AP) – Carly Patty of Oklahoma has been part of highlights at the U.S. Hall of Fame Stadium before.

This time a few more people were watching.

The junior has won two state championships for Southmoor High School (Auckland) at this location and said he feels comfortable. She demonstrated this by hitting Homer from three rounds in the sixth inning, which helped the Cowgirls beat Arizona 4-2 Thursday night at the First Women’s College World Series for both teams.

“It’s nice to come back and play somewhere that’s really familiar, and it’s just even better to come back with more than 12,000 fans,” she said. “It’s really interesting to see how much this place has grown since I was little. It’s an amazing feeling to be in this moment in every aspect of my life. ”

It was only the fifth Homer of the season for Patty. Its unlikely explosion helped the seventh seeded (47-12) come out on a match against Florida on Saturday in a network of winners of the double elimination phase.

She did not seek to achieve a home run.

“When the runners were in the scoring position, I needed to put the ball into play,” she said. “I really focused on just climbing to the top and driving through the middle. That was my whole approach to this battle. “

Kelly Maxwell (20-4), the first NFCA All-American team, dropped the full game for Oklahoma and struck out 14. She struck out all three hitters, swinging in the seventh.

“I think we see one of the best pitchers in the country,” said Arizona catcher Charlize Palacios. “It’s a big part. She’s a really good pitcher, and will strike out. “

The Cowgirls completed a perfect first day for the Big 12 teams after Oklahoma and Texas won earlier.

“I think what he’s doing confirms the fact that this conference is really good,” Oklahoma coach Kenny Gaevsky said. “It was very good and good that three of us here and three came out on the side of the winner. That’s the thing. We are very happy for all of us. “

Hannah Bowen (13-11) gave up five hits in five innings.

“I think they just took advantage of the fields, especially at the right times,” Bowen said.

The Wildcats (38-21) will play with a Pac-12 friend, Oregon, in a relegation match on Friday.

“I definitely think we’re not lowering our heads – that’s the most important thing,” Palacios said. “We played an amazing game and it was one serve that changed the difference. You take this field, and it’s a different game. “

Oklahoma State opened the scoring at the bottom of the fourth when Sydney Pennington decided to kill Brian Evans. Pennington was thrown out in second place, and it helped Arizona limit the damage to a single run.

Palacios hit Homer twice in the fifth to bring the Wildcats forward. It was her 20th of the season.

Oklahoma loaded the base with two outs in the fifth, but Caitlin Carvale, who advanced to the World Series with the team’s best 0.353 average batting, flew to the left.

Miranda Elish from Oklahoma led the sixth walk. Pennington moved down the right line of the field and she advanced on a nomination error to put runners in second and third place without exits. Patty took advantage of Homer’s center-right advantage, which put the Cowgirls up 4-2.


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