PHOTO AP: Fuzzy puppies are trained to be guides for the blind

FORT MID, Maryland (AP) – Whirlwinds, kisses and puppy breathing.

The five 8-week-old Labrador and German Shepherd puppies were very sincere when they first arrived at Tipton Airport in Fort Meade earlier this month.

They are now on the path to greatness – potentially as guide dogs that will change the lives of visually impaired and visually impaired people.

Fluffy future loyal friends traveled aboard the Pilots To The Rescue flight from Haiding Eyes for the Blind headquarters in Yorktown Heights, New York, where they were born and spent the first two months of their lives with their mothers. and brothers and sisters.

Although young dogs have been bred for health and temperament, it will take the experience of volunteer puppy puppies to turn excitable, swaying children into well-trained, well-behaved and well-socialized dogs.

The process will include 14 to 16 months of weekly classes and assessments. Learning begins with the basics: recognizing names, manners, and commands such as “sit” and “down”. Caregivers and family caregivers then train more challenging teams before the puppies are introduced to the world.

Cindy Tate, regional manager of the “Guiding Eyes for Blind Puppies” program, and others are closely monitoring the training and helping with inequalities along the way.

Once a solid, loving foundation is established, puppies should leave their pets and return to the Guiding Eyes Training Center for formal training of guide dogs. Formal training is where, ultimately, dogs demonstrate, they will become a guide for the blind, another type of service dog or someone’s pet.

Denali is one of four big puppies that are sent aboard a return flight to Management Eyes the day the new recruits arrive. Tate had tears in her eyes as she watched Carolyn Schaefer say goodbye to the yellow lab and escort him to the plane.

“It’s the hardest part,” Tate said. But she said knowing that a guide dog has the power to help people softens the blow.

Puppy nurseries are coming back again and again. Tate raised Roxana, Katrina, Velor, Gus, Mystic, Oregon, Kelby, Ted, Needle, Winnie, and now Kenji, his 11th puppy guide dog.

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