Physical disorder ends in a felony

Employee report

As a result of physical unrest earlier this afternoon one was convicted on several criminal charges.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to Dr. Nortshore’s residence with reference to physical disturbances at about 1:33 p.m. this afternoon.

Deputies who arrived at the scene found the victim with visible injuries. She stated that the suspect, her son, lives in a camp in the same area.

Deputies are in contact with the suspect, 65-year-old William Wentford Ellis of Chipley, who looked very excited.

Alice did not want to obey the deputies during the interrogation and went to the camp. After being asked to leave the camper again, Alice returns to the camper door, but quickly retreats.

When Alice leaves the camp a second time, he has a gun, and he aimed his gun at the three deputies.

After several teams of deputies, Alice dropped his gun on the ground and was detained.

Ellis was arrested and taken to Washington County Jail on charges of assaulting a man aged 65 and over, assaulting a law enforcement officer using a firearm (3 points) and resisting an officer.

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