Point of view: can we return to office without going back to what it was before?

I have been a masseur for 11 years and although I can’t tell you the details of my clients, I can …

I’ve been a masseur for 11 years, and while I can’t tell you the details of my clients, I can tell you that overall, right now, I’m feeling a powerful mix of anxiety and impatience about this “return to normal”. We are anxious to give up what we have been given for two years and want to get back what was needed.

More than two years have passed since five days a week there were no people, no time spent on the road and more care for themselves and loved ones for a few hours before and after work.

During the pandemic, when I returned to my writing work, I heard countless people of all ages, races, and incomes telling me the lessons they were learning. No one said, “You know what? It used to work great. I enjoyed the amount of time I spent away from my family. I think that the same people should always rule and that everything is pretty fair. “

We are going to find out if all the lessons we have learned about capitalism …

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