Police: 6 injured in Tennessee were children

CHATTANUGA, Tennessee (AP) – Six people injured in a weekend shootout in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, a business district, were children, police said Monday.

Five of the victims were 15 years old and one was 13 years old, a statement from Chattanooga police said.

Officers patrolled the area on Saturday night when they heard gunfire and responded by finding that several people had fired their guns, as well as many people fleeing the area. Some officers provided first aid and others began guarding the scene, the statement said.

The shooting involved two groups of people who appeared to be advancing towards each other at the start of the altercation when two of one group pulled out guns and fired at another group, police said.

Authorities believe one or more teenagers became the target, but some victims were injured unintentionally.

The area, dotted with apartment buildings, has restaurants and shops within walking distance and is popular with tourists.

Anyone with information about the shooting should contact the Chattanooga police department, authorities said.

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