Police in North Las Vegas NV have captured 5 children after a fatal shooting

Screenshots from the KVVU video

Police Officer Nick Quinton, eating a poke during his break, on January 14 overheard a call about a deadly shooting in North Las Vegas. But he was not very needed at the scene.

Quintana tried to ignore the call and enjoy the rest of the meal. But he couldn’t.

“I just felt it it is a sharp desire go, ”Quintana told The Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I know it sounds weird, but it’s getting stronger.”

At the scene, Quinton learned that 40-year-old Emily Ezra was arrested on suspicion of fatal shooting at her ex-husband in the yard with five children in the house, the newspaper reported.

“For me, it’s brought back memory from my childhood, where my father was killed by a member of my family, ”Quintana told KLAS.

Quintana left to handle another call, but later returned to his home to be with children ages 6 to 17 while they waited for the arrival of child services, he told The Las Vegas Review-Journal.

After the shift he went home and woke his wife Amanda to ask if they could pick up the children to their house, reported in KVVU. A few days later the couple met the children.

“I would like to pick up each of you,” Quintana told the children, according to KLAS. “I would like to take you to our house.”

Last month was a setting for everyone, he told KVVU. The couple has gone through parenting classes and hopes to eventually adopt children.

“I didn’t really have a father figure,” Quintana said on the station. “I’ve always longed for this father, to be a father, to love my child the way I would like my father to love me.”

“I am an ordinary guy whom God has called me to their incident,” he told KLAS.

Don Sweeney has been a reporter and editor of a newspaper in California for over 25 years. He has been a real-time reporter for The Sacramento Bee since 2016.

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