Police say the advice for preschoolers helps find a person with Alzheimer’s disease


Police say a boy named Exequial gave advice to officers to help them find a missing man with Alzheimer’s disease.

Fayetteville Department

A missing 65-year-old man with Alzheimer’s disease has been rescued thanks to a tip received by a preschooler, Arkansas police said.

Police in Fayetteville searched 65-year-old Tony Joab on Wednesday, Feb. 16, after the man left home that morning. Officers knocked on the door of nearby houses, hoping to find any clues as to where he was.

When it was rainy and dark the officers had almost no optionsbut the boy was named Ezekiel gave them the clue they needed.

“Ezekiel told officers he saw the missing man in the woods near his school during breaks. It was a clue that helped save Mr. Joab, ”police said.

According to police, officers have expanded their search to the forests where they found Joab.

Police and firefighters visited Ezekiel’s preschool on Friday, Feb. 18, to thank him for the “hint” that helped them save Joab.

“Ezekiel said the whole situation was a ‘rooftop’, which is a mixture of madness and wonder,” police said.

This story was originally published February 18, 2022 12:55 p.m.

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