Police say the attackers in South Carolina were a rat snake


Police in Pickens, South Carolina, detained a snake Feb. 24 after it tried to break into someone’s home.

Photo by Pickens Police Department

911 call about intruder in house causes laughter on social media after South Carolina police reported they took the snake into custody.

It happened on Thursday, February 24, in Pickens, about 120 miles northwest of Colombia.

“We get a wide range of calls to the service. Today was no different, ”Pickens police said in a Facebook post.

“When we found out that the citizen had a black rat snake that tried to enter their house without permission, we started acting. We surrounded the house, tactfully entered the residence and successfully took into custody one black rat snake without injuring the suspect and the officers. “

Black rat snakes are not venomous, but can grow to terrifying lengths more than 6 feet and they have amazing ability to climb thingsincluding trees and walls, according to the Savannah River Environmental Laboratory at the University of Georgia.

It is also known that they vibrate their tails like a rattlesnake, “and drive out the stinky musk” when threatened, say in the laboratory.

Police did not provide details on how long it took to catch the snake and whether it resisted detention.

However, the incident was used as an opportunity to warn the community that warmer weather means they “may start seeing some of this culprit’s friends”.

“On the other hand, the suspect was detained and released back into the wild,” police said.

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