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Our staff share their thoughts on Wordle after its acquisition of the New York Times.

In double letters

Yas Akdag, music editor

Okay, I know Wordle doesn’t in fact after NYT it was harder, but they seriously need to cool those double letters … and who even knows what sealant is ?!

On the importance of the silent

Mayee Yeh, Editor of Identity and Capital

I perform Wordle at midnight, but the Times trick double consonants that don’t even sound the same (“cynic” and “dodge”), and the expectation that I’ll be the parent of Home Depot (“blur”) is utterly stupid. And Silent. WHAT IT EVEN MEANS.

On a lot of feelings

Alexandra Cohen, Deputy Opinion Editor

I have so many feelings! Wordle after NYT almost ruined the game for me. On some days the words seem completely fictional, and on other days the words are suspiciously light. The New York Times plays intellectual games with us. Now Wordle is my first encounter with stress in the morning, not my peaceful meditation.The Times can take their unintelligible five-letter words and shove them in the ass.

On the economical use of thesauri

Gillian Bloom, head of copy

I love words and love logic puzzles. So as you can imagine, I love Wordle. I also love the New York Times, so I had high hopes that she would intercept the game. Unfortunately, the words have recently turned into niche and obscure terms. This has reached a point where a participant who is mostly familiar with simple plain colloquial language may find it almost impossible to invent an everyday word. I mean, there are a lot of five-letter words that don’t sound like someone played darts with a list of the most obscure words in the thesaurus. But I still believe in the Times, and I know she perceives feedback, so we’ll see if that pattern persists.

About brain training

Jules Roscoe, UTA staff writer

I didn’t know about Wordle before it was acquired by the New York Times, but I’ve heard from people who have played it before that words have become harder since then. I don’t know if that’s true, but personally I like it better when words are harder. If I have time to say thank you for it, it’s good for them!

Wordle – no kidding – is the best part of my day. I don’t sleep until midnight every night and wait for the new Wordle to come out and then finish it by 12:05. If I’m bored of doing my homework or have a lot of free time, I catch up with the Wordle archive. Wordle makes me feel productive – like I’m learning something by parsing letters.

It’s not considered procrastination if it makes you smarter … right?

About alternatives

Shrishti Bangle, Opinion Editor

Listen, if Wordle has really gotten heavier, let me direct you to the PuzzWord app for iOS. Sure, it looks like a fake Costco, but it’s more authentic than the Times ’attempt to kindle the fires of the egos of English majors.

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