“Pray for peace”: local community sends prayers, supports Ukraine while the war is going on

NEWMAN LAKE, WASHINGTON. – The inner northwest is close to Ukraine, but support for those who defend their homeland from Russian invasion continues to grow as wages in the war.

Spokane is home to thousands of Ukrainian Americans. Although they cannot take up arms like their friends and family in Ukraine, many turn to the power of prayer to repel.

“It’s painful. There are no words, ”Rebeka Taturevich said. She had just returned to America in November, having lived in Ukraine for more than 20 years. “When people say they pray for you, when people write and say they care about you and see nations and rallies behind them, it gives the spirit of the people who are on earth, take up arms, the courage that they need to fight this aggression ».

Many gathered Sunday morning at Lakes Community Church in Lake Newman to send love, support and prayers from afar. Some have never met Ukrainians and have not experienced the devastation the country is going through, but they all find strength in prayer.

“We pray for protection. We pray for peace in Ukraine, Lord, ”the pastor of the Lykes community prayed on Sunday.

The Taturevich family can only watch how their relatives suffer at home. All they can count on is the power from above to see them through.

“For me, this is the only way to find peace. I literally have to pray every time I get some news. I am worried about Ukraine, about the people there, about my friends, ”Raman Taturevich said.

People from Ukraine are praying for peace throughout the interior of the northwest. The first Ukrainian Baptist church in Spokane hoisted a Ukrainian flag in the shrine to honor close communities going to war in the homeland. During the service in Ukrainian, the pastor asked people to pray that peace, as in America, would prevail in Eastern Europe.

“I want to pray for peace and for everyone to keep it in their minds and hearts,” said Yasha Topik. He has family and friends in Ukraine, and he attended a Baptist service on Sunday. “Pray and meditate to have better days in our world, regardless of their religion.”

“I think that prayer for me is the only place where I can find peace at this moment,” Taturevich said.

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