Rains on Sunday, then severe winter cold – Matt

SPOKAN, Washington. – The cold Arctic air is creeping closer and closer to the inner northwest, but we have another day of heat before it comes to full force.

Sunday will begin with frost, short-term snow is possible. It is expected that in the afternoon any showers will turn to rain or mix when the temperature rises to 40 degrees. Weak to moderate winds from the southwest will keep the bitter air at bay, but the Arctic front will enter the night from Sunday to Monday morning.

As the front approaches, stronger snow strips are possible. The total amount of snow will be an inch or two in Northern Idaho and dust to an inch in eastern Washington. The next few days on the mountain passes will be heavy snow, so be prepared for difficult travel conditions.

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Temperatures on Monday will be 10-15 degrees colder than on Sunday, with strong winds between Sandpoint, Kerr d’Alen and Spokane. The combination of wind and cold is a concern on Monday and Tuesday on Monday night the sub-zero temperature is felt. In the first half of the week it will be important to spend extra time to bind and cover the exposed skin.

Due to the high chances of a small snow cover and clear skies, Monday and Tuesday temperatures will drop to single digits. It will take some time to dig out of this spectacular cold snap, and temperatures will not come close to our end-February averages until the following weekend.

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