Rainy days and warm temperatures are ahead – Mat

SPOKAN, Washington. – There is considerable humidity in the Northwest Pacific, which means a lot of wet weather in the coming days, even for the inner northwest.

The temperature at night will drop only to the mid-30s, and in some places the temperature may even rise, as warmer air settles over our area. Rains will continue at night from time to time with mountain snow above 3,000 feet. On Monday morning, the snow level rises to 4,000-5,000 feet, and by Tuesday – to 6,000 feet. This will have some notable implications, which we will discuss later.

The air temperature on Monday afternoon will warm up to 40 degrees, rain is possible at any time of the day. Don’t leave home without a raincoat or umbrella not only tomorrow but throughout the week. The temperature on Tuesday and Wednesday will reach 50 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature will be 30 to mid-40 degrees. It will be very warm in late February / early March.

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As the days go by, more and more snow will melt and eventually end up near blocked storm drains and roads. Heavy rain over the top of the mountain snow cover will lead to a lot of melting snow and rapid growth of rivers and streams in our mountainous areas. Until Friday, flood control is in effect on the rivers Kerr d’Alen and St. Joe in Idaho. River forecasts predict a small stage of flooding around Catalda and Saint-Marie later this week. Other rivers and streams in the region will also observe high levels, more like late spring than late winter as it rains and melts snow at medium altitudes.

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The following weekend the temperature will drop slightly and the weather will become less active. However, it seems the crystal clear sunny days will not return for long.

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