Regional basketball gathering for high school girls


Olympia guard Lauren Wolin (3) kicks the ball, and Union guard Maria Gal (11) defends during the inaugural West Central III / Southwest girls basketball game on Friday, February 11, 2022, at Olympia High School in Olympia, Ush.

Tuesday (February 22)



For the first time in 30 years, “Rams” got to the match of the state basketball tournament WIAA 3A.

Unfortunately, their stay did not last long. Despite the fact that freshman Soraya Agaldez scored 29 points, at the beginning of the second half, “Crusaders” changed momentum.

«[Junior] Isabel Sullivan had three 3-pointers in a row, and the momentum just went in their direction, ”said coach Jackie Meyer. “We moved the ball a lot, drove along the lane and tried to make them foul … We were oversized because there is no one above six feet on our list. But we got heels, [sophomore] Alexis Meyer was 10 and [senior] Lane Borchardt had six. “

Rams worked well, breaking boards and taking selections at Eastside Catholic. However, as soon as the shots began to fall on the Crusaders, they stopped in North Terston.

And although Aglades was able to score from almost anywhere in the world, her teammates did not commit a major crime.

However, the loss leaves no bad taste in the mouth for Meyer or the junior classes. The current group of seniors is coming out setting a new standard of what Rams can expect to succeed in their program.

“It was a great season. The seniors have worked hard, leaving a legacy where junior high students can try to get better in the coming years, ”Meyer said.


NT: 12-13-9-13–47

EC: 13-12-21-13–59

Credit: (NT) Soraya Agaldez 29


The tides are still alive.

At home, Gig Harbor beat Kenevik in a regional game and played in the state tournament 3A.

When the buzzer sounded Tuesday night, Mike Guinness’s team won 63-51. Gig Harbor was officially entered in the first round of the competition on Friday night with Bonnie Lake.

“It’s great,” Guinness said in his third season with Tides. “This is my first time in the playoffs. My first year here, we lost Bethel and then we dropped out. And last year with COVID … there was no playoff. So this is my first run.

“And these are many of the first runs of these girls. It’s fun. It’s nice to have experience, because after this year we are also young. “

The Tides played with 13 points in the break, but did not score again until the middle of the third quarter. That’s when their defenses needed to be strengthened, and they did. The Lions failed to take advantage of Gig Harbor’s long stumble. Kennewick’s eight points in the third quarter were the worst period of the competition.

“We had a certain step in defense,” Guinasa said. “It was just doing what we do and forcing the teams to make adjustments for us, which we kind of got rid of the last few games. This game was a little better, just playing our game and getting back to what we were doing. ”

Bailey Young, Gig Harbor’s junior guard, impressed Guinas with his pens in Tuesday’s win. Taylor Schwab stepped up with heavy fire, and Riley Peshek represented the two-way internal tidal force that stifled the Lions from both ends.

Young and Pescek entered the fourth quarter with four fouls, one after disqualification. Weighing the risk, Guinness decided not to imprison them, but allowed them to play on.

This decision may have saved the tidal season. The Lions spent their best quarter of the night in the fourth, but so did Gig Harbor with the best of the game 24 points. Kenevik’s efforts to return ultimately failed.

Already looking forward, Gig Harbor will make adjustments based on the Bonney Lake team that is now standing in their way, Guinness said. But they are focused on maintaining their style of play. In short, they don’t want to get away from what brought them a 13-1 record in the 3A SSC.

“They play the way we do,” Guinas said of the Panthers, “but they will be tough.”


To: 11-13-8-19–51

GH: 14-23-2-24–63

NO. 14 HERMISTAN 74, NO. 19 Peninsula 61

The Seahawks had to travel 266.4 miles for their game in the WIAA 3A state basketball tournament against the Bulldogs. However, they were unable to bring home the victory as the Peninsula settled in at the end of the game, forced to fight back.

Lagging 21-7 after the first quarter, players such as freshman Grace Richardson did their best to ease the offensive. However, Hermione’s defense threw a lot at her to slow down Richardson and restrain Seahawk’s attack.

“It’s hard to travel to another state, and there were a lot of people for them,” said coach Mike Schick. “They definitely had an advantage. We only have two girls with playoff experience before, so we can’t prepare for what the game will look like. There were a lot of nerves and excitement before the game. They made a great return after they settled; we moved the ball better and were more collected. “

Once the Seahawks found their place against the Bulldogs, the game became a tighter competition. Sophomore Keilia Heidelberg was able to score 27 points and topped the Peninsula by results.

Junior Brooke Zimmerman, who scored 12 points, and senior McKenna Smith also scored eight points. But even though the Seahawks were back, the Seahawks didn’t get a bulldog command that was quick and executed when they needed to.


H: 21-21-18-14–74

P: 7-16-17-21–61

Rating: (P) Keilia Heidelberg 27, Brooke Zimmerman 12, McKenna Smith 8

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