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Rep. James Comer: Donald Trump ‘needs better judgment’ on guests after dinner with Nick Fuentes


Rep. James Comer on Sunday offered advice to former President Donald Trump following his recent dinner with white supremacist Kanye West following the rapper’s anti-Semitic remarks.

The Kentucky Republican suggested that Mr Trump, who is running for president again in 2024, “should be more careful about who he dines with” after he hosted dinner with Mr West, now known as E, and Nick Fuentes , supporters of white supremacy. .

“He said he didn’t know who these people were …,” said Mr. Comer, who is poised to lead the House Oversight Committee in January.

Pressed further about Mr Trump’s dinner guests, he said: “I wouldn’t go to meet Kanye West either, but that’s my opinion.”

Mr West was recently banned from Twitter, lost many sponsors and faced a backlash after tweeting that he would go on a “deadly con 3 against the Jewish people”.

Mr Trump defended the dinner on his social media platform Truth Social, saying Mr West had arrived at his Mar-a-Lago estate with unannounced guests and that he did not know Mr Fuentes.

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“So I helped a seriously troubled man who’s just black, E (Kanye West), who was destroyed in his business and pretty much everything else, and who was always kind to me by allowing his request to meet at Mar-a “Well, one so I can give him some much-needed ‘advice,'” Mr. Trump wrote. “He showed up with three people, two of whom I didn’t know, the other was a political person whom I hadn’t seen for many years. I told him not to run, a waste of time, can’t win. Fake news gone mad!”

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