Republicans vow to “get to the truth” after Durham said Democrat-related espionage by Trump

Stunned Republicans demand answers on Sunday after an explosive lawsuit links 2016 Hillary Clinton the company to an alleged surveillance operation aimed at digging up the mud on Donald Trump both before and after he won the presidential election.

Special Council John Durham A court statement Friday said the technology company was working with a lawyer Clinton The company used its access to servers for Mr. TrumpResidence, Trump Tower and The White House to extract data that would establish the “conclusion” and “narrative” that connects Mr. Trump office Russia.

Sir. Trump long accused of Clinton espionage campaign him. Democrats and mainstream media dismissed the statement as conspiracy theory, but Republicans said the bombing this weekend shows that espionage was even more widespread than they thought.

“Yes, there was espionage, and it was worse than we thought because they were spying on the current president of the United States, and that goes directly to Clinton companies “, rep. Jim Jordanan Ohio Republican, told Fox & Friends on Sunday.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, tweeted on Saturday that “Democrats were caught spying, first for the candidate Trump and then when he was President B WHITE HOUSE».

“In Russia The hoax was a lie from day one – made by his political enemies – and anyone involved in this non-American activity should be held accountable, ”he said.

Republicans in the House of Representatives are ready to do more than advertise.

The Republican Party He is expected to regain control of the House of Representatives in November. This allows one of the harshest critics of the Democrats ’conspiracy statements to take over the management of key investigative committees.

“Serious consequences”

Ohio MP Michael Turner, a Republican ranking member of the House Standing Intelligence Committee, said Sunday that he and Mr. Jordana ranking member of the House Judicial Committee will use “all aspects of Congress power to sort this out.”

“We have to get to the truth. This is a threat to our democracy itself, ”Mr Turner told Fox News on Futures Sunday Morning. “In fact, it doesn’t matter what political campaign it is and what political party it is. It is so wrong, and allegations of such a level of illegal activity that directly affect our faith in our own government, that the truth must be found. ”

House of Representatives Steve Scaliz, a Republican from Louisiana, called the details “shocking.” He tweeted, “If they can do it with the president, imagine what they can do with you. Terrible. A time of serious consequences. “

In the statement of Mr. Dare states that the government has evidence that an unidentified technology chief “used” an agreement with the government to monitor Mr. Trump’s Internet traffic at Trump Tower, Mr. Trump’s apartment in West Central Park, the president’s executive office and an unidentified health care provider.

In court documents, the technical manager was defined only as “Tech Executive-1”. In previous statements, Mr. Dare“Tech Executive-1” referred to Rodney Joffe, an Internet entrepreneur and Internet data expert.

“Tech Executive-1 and its associates used this arrangement to extract [president’s office] in order to gather derogatory information about Donald Trump“Sir. Dare writes.

Sir. Trump said Mr. Dareinvestigating the origins of Trump-Russia a conspiracy investigation has revealed the depth of Democrats ’scheme to undermine him presidency.

He is the statement provides “indisputable evidence” of this Clinton company operatives spied him company and presidency.

“This is a scandal far bigger in scale than in Watergate, and those who were involved and knew about this spy operation should be prosecuted,” he said. Trump the statement said. “In a stronger period in our country, this crime would be punishable by death.”

Clinton the company is billed

Mr Dunham’s staggering allegations were included in a court statement alleging the former Clinton Company attorney Michael Zusman has a conflict of interest with his attorneys.

Mr Zusman has been charged with making a false FBI statement about a now-debunked statement about a secret channel of communication between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank. He pleaded not guilty.

The statement said Mr Sussmann had worked with a technology manager, an internet company and Clinton a campaign to assemble and transfer claims to the FBI.

Sir. Dare Records show that Mr. Zusman “repeatedly billed Clinton company “for him work on accusations of Russian banks.

In July 2016, Mr. Zusman, Technical Manager and U.S. Investigation Firm, was hired by Law Firm 1 on behalf of Clinton The company has collaborated with researchers from online companies to collect data and official documents.

“Due to these efforts Tech Executive-1 operated him access to non-public and / or patented Internet data, ”he said. Dare wrote. “Tech Executive-1 has also enlisted the help of researchers from a US-based university who have received and analyzed large amounts of online data due to an unfinished federal government contract for cybersecurity research.”

Sir. Dare said the technical supervisor used researchers to “retrieve online data” to establish the “inference” and “narrative” that bind the gentleman. Trump office Russia.

“Tech Executive-1 has shown that he sought to please some “VIPs”, referring to the law firm-1 and Clinton company, “- said Mr. Dare wrote.

The statement said the technical manager had gained access to and maintained special services for the President’s Executive Office under a “confidential arrangement under which he provided [domain name system] permission services.

“Russian phones” were debunked

Sir. Dare said Mr Sussmann relying on alleged traffic to the domain name system from Trump Tower, Mr. Trumpapartment building and health care provider to file additional charges with the FBI against Mr. Trump.

These allegations, sent to the FBI, included allegations that Mr. Trump and him associates used rare Russian-made cordless phones in the area The White House and other places, Mr. Dare wrote.

Said the special prosecutor he found no support for this accusation.

The technical manager claims that Mr. Trump and him associates used rare Russian phones, were suspicious searches of the domain name system associated with the Russian mobile phone provider.

Sir. Dare said these searches were far from uncommon.

He is said that more than 3 million searches of IP addresses of Russian phones from 2014 to 2017 took place from IP addresses in the United States.

Less than 1,000 of these searches came from IP addresses associated with Trump Tower, Mr. Dare said. Searches next to The White House began in early 2014, during the Obama administration.

“Another fact that dropped the accusation,” – said Mr. Dare wrote about the search in the Obama era.

Sir. Dare said Mr Sussmann passed the claims to another government agency after they were brought to the FBI. The special counsel said that, as at Mr. Zusman’s meeting with the FBI, he claimed he did not represent the client’s interests when in fact he was there on behalf of Clinton companies.

“U him Meetings with the staff of Agency-2, the defendant also made essentially false statements like he I turned to the FBI’s chief legal counsel, ” Dare wrote. “In particular, the defendant claimed he did not represent a specific client in the transmission of the above allegations.

“In truth and in fact the defendant represented Tech Executive-1 – a fact that the defendant later swore in his testimony in Congress in December 2017, without naming the client by name,” the statement said.

The 13-page document was filed in the District Court of the District of Columbia.

“That’s what’s so scary here,” he said. Jordan. “You have the government working with Clinton companies to follow Republican Partya presidential candidate to spy on that campaign. We have never seen anything like it in history. “

Cash Patel, Trump’s chief investigatorRussia the conspiracy investigation against Devin Nunez, who was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said the document “finally shows that Hillary Clinton the company was directly funded and ordered its attorneys at Perkins Coie to organize a criminal campaign to fabricate a connection between the president Trump and Russia».

Mr. Zusman among the three persons accused by Mr. Darewho in 2019 was tasked with investigating the FBI’s actions in the early stages of Trump-Russia probe.

Former FBI lawyer Kevin Kleinsmith has pleaded guilty to one count of false allegations, an indictment that arose as a result of the Durham investigation. He was sentenced to one year probation for changing emails that made it easier for the FBI to track a member Trump companies.

In October, Mr. Durham accused Igor Danchenko, a Washington analyst who was a key source in Christopher Steele’s dossier. Mr. Danchenko is charged with five counts of lying to the FBI about where he got the information for the anti-Trump dossier.

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