Richland County School again cancels schooling after voting for the “mask of choice”.

Richland County School

RICHLAND, WASHINGTON. – For the second day in a row, the school district of Richland cancels the school. On Tuesday, the school board voted 3-2 to make camouflage optional.

Hours after the decision, the district announced an emergency closure on Wednesday. On Wednesday night, the district said on Facebook that it was asking for patience as staff continued to address issues.

“I think it should be freedom of choice. They are our children, and we should have the right to send them to school with a mask or not, ”said Tara Smith, a father from Richland.

The second closing day comes less than 24 hours before Governor Jay Insley is expected to announce the expiration date of the mask term. At a previous news conference, he said schools are likely to be included in the abolition of the mandate to work indoors.

However, nothing has been finalized yet, the governor’s office reports.

Disappointed parents protested near a school in Richland, supporting the termination of the mandate. The Richland School District is one of two in the state that have challenged the mandate.

On Monday, the Kettle Falls School Board voted to make masks optional. The Office of the Head of Public Education (OSPI) said that if districts do not meet the requirements within 20 days, the office will delay government funding. Districts are given two notices.

While these school districts decided to make a mask choice, 40 East Washington leaders signed and sent a letter to Gov. Insley, the State Department of Health and OSPI asking for two things.

They want to immediately cancel the mandate for masks and transfer contact tracking responsibilities to the state health department.

While Washington is awaiting a meeting with Governor Insley, states such as Virginia have lifted their camouflage demands.

“We reaffirm, reaffirm the right of all parents, the fundamental rights to make decisions about their children, their education, upbringing and care,” said Virginia Gov. Glen Yangkin.

In California, the mandate of the indoor mask is over, but schools still have to comply.

The CDC says it is discussing changes to camouflage guidelines, though it is unclear whether they will include schools.

“I know they’re looking very closely at the information,” said Dr. Tom Inglesby, senior adviser to the White House’s COVID-19 response team. “I think the CDC’s job is to make sure schools are safe and that children can go to school across the country.”

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