Royal farms come to a busy crossroads – Washington Daily News

Beaufort County residents may have a different fuel / food option on the western outskirts of Washington just before the travel season.

Royal Farms, a chain of stores in Baltimore, Maryland, has already begun site preparation for a 1.5-acre site on the north side of Fifth Street when it intersects at 15thStreet and Clark’s Neck Rd. on the way out of town towards Greenville.

Cloverfield Farms Dairy owns the company and has approximately 250 locations in Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

According to Washington Mayor Jonathan Russell, the company is looking to expand south.

“They told us they wanted to enter some unused markets and wanted to open 15 or 20 stores in North Carolina in the next couple of years,” he explained. “This site meets their criteria and we believe it is a great place near the US 17 Bypass”

Currently, Royal Farms does not have stores in North Carolina, but wants to bring to the area by the end of the year its menu of custom chicken, sandwiches and wraps.

Two homes are in front of the property, and the rest of the plot, formerly owned by the Hampton Inn, is vacant.

“They’re similar to Sheetz, which is right across the street, but they’ve exercised due diligence and believe our market is attractive enough to exit,” Russell said. “We are happy to welcome them and it gives our residents and tourists another option of food and gas in a great location.”

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