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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Major Developments on Day 866



Russia’s Ministry of Defence claimed to have gained control of Yasnobrodivka in Ukraine’s Donetsk region, though Kyiv denied any such loss, identifying the village as part of its defended positions. A United Nations rights mission reported that a Russian missile likely struck Kyiv’s main children’s hospital during Monday’s air strikes, resulting in 44 deaths across Ukraine, including children at the Okhmatdyt hospital.

A senior NATO official in Washington, DC, stated that Russia lacks the resources for a major offensive and needs additional ammunition supplies. They noted ongoing high Russian losses and improved Ukrainian defenses.

Politics and Diplomacy

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged US leaders to act promptly against Russia’s offensive, emphasizing the need for immediate decisions rather than waiting until after the US presidential election in November. US President Joe Biden vowed strong support for Ukraine during a NATO summit in Washington, DC, accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of seeking Ukraine’s complete subjugation.

NATO is expected to outline Ukraine’s pathway to membership but affirmed it would not finalize this until after the conflict ends. In New York, the UN Security Council condemned Russia for the missile strike on Ukraine’s children’s hospital, while Russia denied responsibility.

International Relations

During a summit in Moscow, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the futility of war and called for peace through dialogue, indirectly criticizing Putin. Indian officials also announced that Russia had pledged to release Indian nationals who were misled into joining its military, highlighting ongoing international concerns and diplomatic efforts.

Military Support

President Biden, along with several European leaders, announced the delivery of additional air defense systems to Ukraine, including Patriot and SAMP-T systems, with plans for further tactical air defense support. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg urged continued Western support for Ukraine, stressing the conflict’s global security implications.

President Zelenskyy reiterated Ukraine’s urgent need for air defense systems and called for enhanced security guarantees, including military aid and political support.