Saudi Arabia: 16 people injured in drone attack at Yemen airport

RIYAD, Saudi Arabia (AP) – The Saudi state news agency reported that 16 people of different nationalities were injured on Monday in …

RIYAD, Saudi Arabia (AP) – The Saudi State News Agency reported that 16 people of different nationalities were injured Monday at an airport in the south as a result of the interception and destruction of an explosive drone launched from Yemen.

A Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemeni Hussite rebels is said to have said the drone-loaded drone was sent to King Abdullah’s airport in the Saudi city of Gizan, near the Yemeni border. Saudi defense forces say the drone was launched from Sana’a airport in the Yemeni capital.

Saudi state television reported that the three travelers were in critical condition. A short video of the consequences was shown on the air, which shows that the glass was broken on the floor at the airport near the Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop. The state-run Ehbariya news channel later showed passengers traveling at Gizan airport and reported that flights had returned to normal.

Saudi Arabia has been involved in the civil war in Yemen since 2015, fighting Iranian-backed Hussites who seized the capital Sanaa and ousted an internationally recognized government. Despite seven years of fighting and war, the Hussites still control Sana’a and much of northern Yemen.

The attack on Gizan, a region near Saudi Arabia’s border with Yemen, takes place on the eve of a patriotic day in the kingdom as the nation prepares to celebrate its first-ever Foundation Day. The date, which differs from the traditional national day, is intended to symbolically mark the founding and unification of the Saudi state by its leaders Al-Saud. Nationwide celebrations were planned, and the King recognized it as a holiday for both the private and public sectors.

The incident also occurred less than two weeks after a similar attempt to attack and intercept a drone, injuring 12 people at an airport in the southern Saudi province of Abha, also near the kingdom’s border with Yemen.

The war in Yemen claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people, both fighters and civilians, and sparked the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Many more were internally displaced.

The United Nations said in January the number of civilian casualties was the highest in three years. More than 650 civilians were killed or injured last month in airstrikes, shelling, small arms and other violence. In January, more than 300 detainees were killed or injured in a coalition airstrike on a detention center at the Saad Hussite fortress.

Fighting in the strategic city of Marib in recent months has led to an increase in Hussite attacks against Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which are part of a coalition led by Saudi Arabia and support Yemeni militias fighting Hussites.

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