Scotty McCreery reflects on “American Idol”, a new album on the way to Hollywood casinos

Scotty McCreery catches up with WTOP before playing at a Hollywood casino in Charles Town on June 11th.

Listen to our full conversation in my podcast “Beyond Glory”.

Jason Fraley of WTOP makes a preview of Scotty McCreery at the Hollywood Casino (Part 1)

He won season 10 of “American Idol” before becoming a country hit performer.

Scottie McCreery plays at the Hollywood Casino in Charles Town, West Virginia, June 11th.

“We’re having a great time,” McCree told WTOP. “We’ve been doing this for over 10 years, so I’ve been lucky enough to make four or five albums and sound a few songs on the radio. We will play new things, we will play old things, hope that people know and know how to sing and dance and have a great old party. … Come on! It will be a good time. “

His path to fame began with winning the 2011 American Idol.

“It was such a defining moment and such a core memory for me,” McCreery said. “Even if I hope to turn 85, by the will of the Lord, I will think about that moment of being on stage in the finale, but even before that just all the memories and start working with people like Stephen Tyler, Jennifer Lopez , Beyonce … she was 17 and it was very strange ”.

His victory in “Idol” led to the success of his first album “Clear as Day” (2011), which featured country hits such as “I Love You This Big” and “The Trouble with Girls”.

“If I knew what I knew now, it would be a lot of pressure, but then I was so ignorant,” McCreery said. “I just sailed through the flow day after day: ‘Oh, we’re recording an album now.’ We did it in three months. I didn’t know what it took to make an album, write a song, have something to say and invest in a song. … Fortunately, the first one worked. “

He proved that he is not one of the hits, with his second album “See You Tonight” (2013), which includes the title track “See You Tonight” and another hit single “Feelin ‘It”.

This second album, especially “See You Tonight”, it was my first single in the top 10, it went platinum for us, it was like, “Hey, he’s not just TV, he’s actually a country guy, and he has something to say it’s worth listening to, ”McCreery said. “It was huge because I never wanted to be a TV guy, I wanted to be a country performer.”

He proved his resilience with his third album “Seasons Change” (2017), which featured the hit “Five More Minutes” and the wedding song “This Is It”.

“Every weekend, especially in the summer, I go to Instagram and I’m tagged in a post as a couple walks down the aisle to it or dances to it for the first time,” McCreery said. “You want to impact people in a positive way, and their wedding day is the biggest day of their lives, so one of my songs will be such an important part of their big day, it’s great.”

His latest album “Same Truck” (2021) contains new singles “You Time” and “Damn Strait”, which curse George Straight for love songs that are so good that now they hurt.

“It’s a song I’m so excited to record,” McCreery said. “No. I’m just a big fan of George Straight, it was my very first gig, but number 2, it speaks to the power of music. You hear the song and it can bring you back to memories. It could be great memories, like dude, it was an amazing summer, or it could bring you back to a broken heart. ”

What is his favorite George Straight song of all time?

“It’s like asking, ‘Do you have a favorite Elvis song?’ because there are so many of them, ”McCreery said. For me, I always go back to what I sing when I wash the dishes or something like that, it’s “Chair.” … This is a classic. It’s just a conversation, and it’s also so realistic. You can say that the guy is nervous because he says, “Can I have a drink for you to buy?”

Beyond the Strait, McCreery’s deep voice is mostly reminiscent of Randy Travis or Josh Turner.

“Anytime I’m compared to Josh, I’ve been lucky enough to meet him for years and mine may sound profound, but you haven’t heard deeply until you’ve heard Josh Turner do his thing, it can rattle the house “McCreery said. ‘Whether it was Randy Travis, Josh Turner or a bunch of other people, I’d like to do it one day.’

Jason Fraley of WTOP makes a preview of Scotty McCreery at the Hollywood Casino (Part 2)

Listen to our full conversation in my podcast “Beyond Glory”.

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