Seahawks Rashad Penny, Noah Fant’s. Gino Smith vs. Drew Locke

Gino Smith is still with the starting attack, throwing Tyler Lockett.

Drew Locke is still running the second block, throwing Cade Johnson.

Rashaad Penny for the first time this offseason was in practice on the field.

Same for Noah Fanta. Seattle’s new tight end was away on personal business last week.

And new coordinator Clint Hurt is demanding responsibility for his defense, which has already changed since last season.

The second week of Seahawks ’(OTA) organized team events began with some subtle, and not-so-subtle news. And more changes.

The fourth on Tuesday out of nine OTA practices for Seattle was the second open to the media. It was the first time Penny had been seen in training since a hamstring injury that repelled frequently injured runs last week when the team trained three times. Last week, coach Pete Carroll said the problem with Penny was minor and the team was cautious.

It’s only May.

However, the sight that Penny returned rather than watched has allayed some concerns that Seattle’s first-round draft pick in 2018 is back on the injured track. Penny suffered most of his professional career until the last five games last season. It was then that he spent his best, most prolific four games in the league.

The surge brought him back to the Seahawks on Fr. a one-year contract for $ 5.75 million he signed in March. It includes $ 5.07 million guaranteed for 2022.

Penny’s health is more important when Chris Carson’s future is in doubt. Carol and Seahawks expected clarity last week regarding host Rocher’s prediction after neck surgery, which ends the season. In 2021, he played in just four games.

Ken Walker, second round pick Last month, which rushed to Michigan last fall, Tuesday again spent a long time watching with Smith, Locke and the top strikers.

Locke again sprayed beautiful strips across the field into various receivers, deep balls with high arcs and short balls. As is sometimes the case in practice last week, Locke missed behind some receivers on short throws.

“Shoot, I think he looks good,” said Loko Lockett, the best on the team with DC Metcalfe (not yet practicing, but rehabilitating after foot surgery).

“He can throw the ball … He makes great throws.

“He just has this kind of peace of mind that he knows what he can do …

“I think he’s adapting well.”

Seattle has acquired a 24-year-old defender in its mass Russell Wilson’s trade in Denver in March. Locke has been with the second team so far in the OTA because he is less familiar with the terminology and resentment of Shane Waldron, who plays sophomores at the Seahawks, than Smith. For the past three years, Smith has been Wilson’s backup in Seattle.

Smith missed a deep ball to Lockett past his fingers on the left sideline early in the group practice, among his more notable throws on Tuesday.

Lockett said it was the first time he had held an open quarterback battle of the season since his Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, played two QBs.

Lockett said Smith became a different leader this spring, knowing he has a legitimate chance of starting at the Seahawks, unlike previous offseason, knowing he will not play while Wilson was on the team.

“Yes, his approach,” Lockett said of the 31-year-old Smith, who began his first two NFL seasons for the New York Jets in 2013 and 2014.

“Having the opportunity to come in and know that you can lead the team and he comes to the OTA, I mean, he has fire in his eyes. He has the kind to be able to go out and do great.

“I mean, he hasn’t had the opportunity to play for several years. If you have that opportunity right in front of you that you still need, do you understand what I mean? …

“It’s an opportunity we all look forward to.”

The last line of attack

Smith was behind the starting line, in which Charles Cross again selected a rookie in the first round in the left podium, starter Damien Lewis again in the left guard, in the offseason signed Austin Blythe in the center, Phil Haynes on the right guard and newcomer 2021 without a draft Kurhan in the right selection.

Veteran right guard Gabe Jackson remained absent from volunteer classes.

The only obligatory work of the team in the off-season is a veteran mini-camp, which will take place next week on June 7-9.

Locke committed the second offense, which included Walker, Dakoda Shapley in the center and newcomer to the third round Abe Lucas in the right podcast.

Competitions on cornerback, nickel

Hurt spoke about Arty Burns, a former first-round pick for the Steelers and cornerback Seahawks, signed with Chicago this offseason. He said Burns looks more familiar in the lighting schemes of new Seahawks coach Sean Desai now than last year for the Bears. Desai was Chicago’s defense coordinator until Carol hired him this winter.

Smith completed the transfer with his shoulder to Fanta wide outside the left in the end zone past Burns. Smith danced and shouted in celebration.

Tre Brown, who missed most of his 2021 rookie season due to injury, and last season’s starter Sidney Jones will compete with Burns and others for two corner defender positions.

Justin Coleman played great, staying out and then leaving Lockett from the back of the end zone to force Smith to make an incomplete pass during another game in the red zone. Coleman left Seattle for Detroit and became the richest contact in the history of the Nickel Defense League ($ 9 million) until 2019. This offseason, he returned on a one-year contract with the Seahawks for $ 1.12 million.

Hugo Amadi is another candidate to become the fifth, nickel defender.

Hurt said a changed, more diverse Seattle defense with faster 3-4 styles would include a fifth defense in several situations.

“We’re going to play a lot more nickel stuff than in the past,” said the new coordinator and promoted coach.

In the end.

Hurt stressed that the competition for the position will not be close to a settlement until full venues appear at the training camp in early August.

“We are holding the Underwear Olympics here,” Hurt said.

Bill Walsh Coaching Scholarships

The Seahawks have three assistant coaches in the OTA and mini-camps who are part of the NFL Coach Diversity Diversity Scholarship Program, sponsoring the Seahawks and the League.

Akim Dent helps special teams. He is played six seasons in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons (2011-2013), Houston Texas (’14 -’16) and Jacksonville Jaguars (’17).

Amanda Roller helps fight back in Seattle. She is a coach for running and special teams at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. She is also an assistant coach on strength and fitness. Ruler is the coach of runners and special teams at Team Ontario, the U18 women’s soccer team.

Jonathan Saxon is helping Hertha and Seahawks defend this spring. He is Saxon is the defense coordinator and coach of full-fledged South Carolina defenders.

This story was originally published May 31, 2022 6:41 p.m.

Greg Bell is a Seahawk and NFL writer for The News Tribune. In January 2019, the National Sports Media Association named him the Washington State Athlete of the Year. He began covering the NFL in 2002 when the Oakland Raiders defeated author The Sacramento Bee. The Ohio native began covering the Seahawks in their first season of the 2005 Super Cup. He previously graduated from West Point and served as a tactical intelligence officer in the U.S. Army, so he may ask you to leave and give him 10.

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