Seattle’s Cambia Grove Health Innovation Center rebranded as a health policy center – GeekWire

Director of the Center for Health Policy Regence Vince Porter. (Photo by the Health Center)

Seattle Health Innovation Center Cambia Guy turned into something new: art Regence Health Policy Center.

Launched Cambia Grove in 2015 eliminate barriers to health innovation and break the gap between startups and well-known market players. Particular attention was paid to entrepreneurship and also served as a meeting place and collaboration.

The new center will focus on politics.

“Politicians, subject matter experts and industry leaders must work together to address and address emerging health challenges, regardless of political landscape,” said the director of the new center. Vince Porter y welcome letter.

Porter previously served as director of public affairs for Oregon in Portland Cambia Health Solutionswho stood behind Cambia Grove and owns Regence and other healthcare companies.

The new center will show its first area of ​​activity next week, and the program will begin in the next few months, said a specialist in public policy. Nolan Dzekic. The organization seeks to “promote cooperation, inform policy and develop solutions,” according to a website launched on Wednesday.

The political center will rely on Cambia Grove’s network of organizations and businesses to “inform, discuss and promote public policies that reduce costs, improve access and promote a more human-centered health care system,” Dzekic added.

Camby Guy assembled data resources on health, created reports on the innovation landscape and held conferences on topics such as data compatibility in health systems. The hub also sponsored an annual Innovator Scholarship Program and launched a startup competitionwhich will be stopped.

Downtown Cambia Grove measuring 9,000 square feet in downtown Seattle was coworking, but it stopped working at the start of the pandemic and has yet to reopen, joining other places to work together in the city. affected or closed during a pandemic.

The Regence Health Policy Center team plans to resume personal activities in the space in the future.

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