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Following the attack on another student on campus on Feb. 25, the department will add security personnel, cameras and lanterns east of Washington Square Park. A suspect in a similar series of attacks was detained on March 2.

Last month, at least seven New York University students were attacked. The New York Police Department on Feb. 27 released a security camera recording of a man who allegedly attacked some students as well as seven Asian women in Lower Manhattan. (Video via NYPD)

NYU Campus Safety will install more security cameras east of Washington Square Park, add lighting to the scaffolding of university buildings and increase police presence around university buildings. a series of attacks on campus by email on Wednesday from the head of campus security Fountain Walker.

The announcement came after the New York Police Department said Tuesday, March 1, that a man with blond hair and a light complexion attacked seven Asians for two hours across the East Village, Gremersy Park, Nolita and Midtown on 27 February. The suspect, 28-year-old Stephen Zayonz, was arrested on Wednesday and faces seven counts of hate crime and attempted assault, as well as seven counts of prosecution and harassment.

On February 7-15, a passer-by attacked four students on the campus of New York University in Washington Square. University spokesman John Beckman said in a statement to WSN that the university has no records of security attacks. Two victims claimed that Campus Safety had reacted incorrectly to reports of their incidents.

Then two more casualties, which were committed on 2 and 14 February stepped forward about the department’s inadequate response. Most victims described the suspect as a white man with blond hair. However, one of the victims, a senior CAS, described the attacker differently.

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Another student was beaten by a man while walking down West Fourth Street on Feb. 25, according to a recent Campus Safety report. The victim described the attacker as a man with blond hair but with a beard and lower than the suspects described by other victims.

Walker acknowledged that most – if not all – of the incidents are related. He said the department believes anti-Asian violence played a role in the attacks, and contacted an Asian anti-hate group in New York.

WSN confirmed that three of the six victims of the New York attacks were Asians.

“We take these incidents with the utmost seriousness and will continue and strengthen our vigilance,” Walker wrote in an email Wednesday. “We want these incidents to end immediately. We are aware of the anxiety that Asian members of the New York University community may be experiencing now; we are united in their full support and want them to know that they have our support and that we are determined to make them feel safe on our campus. ”

Walker said officers would actively respond to similar incidents by tagging student reports. The department is also reviewing its alert system to quickly inform the New York University community.

ATP senior A.Ya. Sun, which wrote about his attack on social media on February 15 previously stated that Campus Safety did not take his report seriously. He has since posted other incidents in his account to inform students. In response to a recent letter, Sun said he hoped new security initiatives would help protect other students from attack.

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“This is definitely a positive as they send emails faster and they are taking some immediate steps to improve security on campus,” San said. “It shows that they realized they had made some mistakes before and decided to do better.”

One of the victims, a sophomore named Galatina, said she was upset that another attack had taken place. She said that despite Campus Safety’s response, she felt the department was still not transparent with students.

“Their plans to make campus safer sound good if they do happen, but some of them, like five and six, are very vague,” said sophomore Galatina. “I lost some confidence in the system when my own report was not submitted, and I wonder how many times this has happened. I would prefer clearer plans, such as sending students confirmation along with the resources to publish the report, or expanding the guidelines that entitle them to receive a warning letter. ”

After watching the video, Zayonz Sun said he could not confirm whether a suspect had been arrested by his attackers. Another victim said Zayontz was not the perpetrator of their attack.

All attacks are being investigated by Campus Safety and the NYPD.

Lauren Ash spoke in the report. Contact Christian Bert at [email protected] and Rachel Cohen in [email protected]

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