See how the reaction to “Wheel of Fortune” went wrong


Participants of the “Wheel of Fortune” contest on Tuesday, March 1, had a hard time solving this puzzle.

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Are you sitting You may need to before you learn about the “Wheel of Fortune” tour, which some call the worst of all time.

It has looked promising since the beginning of Tuesday, March 1st. Three contestants had almost solved the puzzleon the board is shown “Another Feather _n Yo_r _a_” But then came their assumptions.

“Another feather in your hat?” No, that’s not it. One participant asked if there was a “G” in the puzzle, but it didn’t help.

“Another feather in your lap?” Asked the first contestant about her second guess. Okay, now everything was getting incredible.

They got some help when one of the participants asked if there was a “P” in the puzzle. It was – but it only led to the misconception “Another pen on your card.”

Finally, participant Thomas Lipscomb, whose previous two turns were wasted when he went bankrupt and lost the turn, correctly solved the puzzle. “Another feather in your cap,” he said, stopping all suffering.

Viewers were distrustful and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

“I shout on TV as if I’m watching a football match” Said one woman.

“How have all three members of the Wheel of Fortune never heard the phrase ‘another feather in your cap’ ??” Asked one of the spectators. “It’s crazy !!!”

“It was the toughest moment of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ I’ve ever seen.” Said another spectator.

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