Senate adopts bipartisan resolution blaming Kremlin for failing to agree on sanctions

The Senate on Thursday settled on an optional resolution reaffirming U.S. solidarity with Ukraine and condemning Russian aggression in the Kremlin’s latest disgrace after failing to reach an agreement on a sanctions bill that has long been deadlocked.

A measure that “encourages” President Biden to “introduce significant costs” should be Russia to invade Ukrainestops far from the “mother of all sanctions” bill that has been debated between the two sides in recent weeks.

But when negotiations on legislation to impose specific punishments against the Kremlin stalled, lawmakers had no choice but to organize a bipartisan crackdown.Russia measure before postponing the break as the tension is over Ukraine continue to build.

“This resolution allows us to speak with one voice in condemning the build-up of Russian troops. Ukraineborder with Russia and reaffirming our commitment to the two parties to impose significant costs Russia in case they decide to invade our ally, ”said Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican from Ohio and one of the sponsors of the resolution. “I hope this will give a strong signal Russia that the world is united for Ukrainian independence and freedom. “

The measure was taken by ballot late Thursday, before lawmakers traveled to Washington for a week-long state job.

Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee have been deadlocked for weeks over competing sanctions proposals against the Kremlin.

Negotiations between the two sides have largely stalled over when sanctions will be imposed.

Republicans insist on this Russia have to face severe consequences before the invasion, while the Democrats ’original proposal was to guarantee a series of sanctions after the attack.

Negotiations reached a final wall on Tuesday when the committee’s top Republican, Sen. James E. Rish of Idaho, proposed to stop construction immediately on RussiaNord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany and mandatory sanctions against the pipeline if Russia must invade.

Last summer, Mr. Biden renounced Trump-era sanctions against the pipeline, putting Democrats in an awkward position as they fight for brutality. Russia not embarrassing the president.

Mr Risch’s proposal also calls for sanctions against Russian banks and members of Mr Putin’s inner circle before Russia’s further invasion of Russia. Ukraine and will provide additional military assistance Ukraine.

The proposal was met with sharp opposition from Democrats, who said the proposal was equivalent to a “guerrilla position”.

“The guerrilla victory is not worth announcing the separation from Washington, which is only in Putin’s favor,” said Sen. Robert Menendez, chairman of the New Jersey Committee on Democrats and International Relations, on Tuesday.

However, Senate he strained to show a united front as the administration and Western leaders work to go Russia returned from the brink of war.

The same day that Senate sanctions talks have reached a final stalemate, Senate Majority leader Charles E. Schumer of New York and Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky have joined in issuing a bipartisan statement on “solidarity and determination for the people. Ukraine”And a“ clear warning ”to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A resolution passed on Thursday “condemns the build-up of the Russian army.” Ukrainelimits and condemns Russia“Continues to ignore international maritime law.”

He also “encourages the unity of NATO allies” in response to “unprovoked military aggression against Ukraine».

Mr. Rish said though Senate without receiving a package of sanctions, the Kremlin should have no doubt that Congress remains the only one in opposition to prolonged aggression.

“People who are going to do this in Moscow are professionals,” he said. “They read what’s going on here. There is no daylight between us and the Democrats on this issue. “

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