Senate Republican Party Threatens to Postpone Public Funding Bill Through Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

Frame with Senate Republicans promise to postpone a speedy consideration of the state funding bill unless Congress strips President Biden of his mandate for the vaccine.

In a letter to colleagues Monday, Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah and Ted Cruz of Texas argued that the mandate continues to affect countless Americans, even if some of it is declared unconstitutional for private employers.

“Millions of Americans are now free from this unwarranted federal invasion of health care decisions, but for how long,” lawmakers wrote. “In addition to the long-standing harmful uncertainty faced by those covered by the remaining four COVID-19 mandates – in particular, those who demand vaccines for health workers, the military, federal employees and federal contractors – the American people in in general there is still uncertainty as to whether the president Biden threw him the desire to make similar demands on them. “

The letter was also signed by Republican Senators Roger Marshall of Kansas, Cynthia Lamis of Wyoming, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Mike Brown of Indiana.

Together, the six lawmakers promise to use an arsenal of legislative procedures to postpone consideration of the short-term funding bill unless it strips of office.

“These COVID-19 vaccine mandates constitute a serious abuse by both the federal and executive branches,” they wrote. “They are also further straining the economic and social pressures facing our society … In any case, the President Biden there is no need to force people to make the tragic choice between unemployment and unwanted vaccinations. ”

Last week, the House of Representatives passed a bill to keep government funding until March 11th. Now the law is pending Senatewhere it is expected to take place by February 18, the date on which the government should close without funding.

Mr. Lee and Mr. Cruz know they have no votes to destroy the expense account directly in an even division Senate. At the moment, there are 10 senators from the Republican Party who want to join all 50 Senate Democrats to break the filibuster and keep power afloat.

Given this, five Republican supporters plan to use SenateOld rules and precedents in their favor. Unanimous consent is needed inside the House to expedite consideration of the bill, which means that all 100 senators must agree to move forward.

As a rule, Senate leaders agree on the number of amendments and the time allotted for debate before unanimous consent is offered. If even one legislator expresses an objection, the process recedes into the background and the usual procedure must be followed.

Republican rebels plan to do just that if their demands are not met Senate Majority leader Charles E. Schumer, a New York Democrat.

“We need to at least vote on this issue before funding [the mandate’s] execution, ”they wrote. “The livelihoods and personal freedoms of millions of Americans are at stake.”

Sir. BidenThe vaccination mandate has been declared unconstitutional for private sector employees. However, it remains valid for the military and healthcare professionals in more than 76,000 facilities that accept Medicare and Medicaid.

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