Senator Mitt Romney complains about morons in the Republican Party after lawmakers spoke at a conference of white nationalists

Senator Mitt Romney condemned his colleague GOP lawmakers on Sunday as “morons” for speaking at the conference “America’s first political action”, organized Nick Fuentesa white nationalist leader who joked about the Holocaust in Florida last weekend.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green According to media reports, a representative of Georgia spoke at a conference at the Orlando World Center Marriott, while a representative of Paul Gossar of Arizona appeared in a pre-recorded video.

«Marjorie Taylor Green and Paul Gossar, I don’t know them, “said Mr. Romney, a Republican from Utah, CNN’s” State of the Union. ” “I remember an old phrase from ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,’ where one character says, ‘Morons, my team has morons.'”

“I think anyone who sits down with a white nationalist and speaks at their conferences is probably missing a few IQ scores,” he said.

MP Liz Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, also condemned her colleagues.

“While Marjorie Taylor Green and Paul Gossar speak at the White House, anti-Semitic, pro-Putin event, silence Republican Party stuns and promotes leaders, ”Ms. Cheney tweeted. “All Americans must give up this garbage and give up Putin’s wing GOP now. “

Madam. Green later denied that he knew Mr. Fuenteswho spoke well of Russia, representing the congressman at the conference.

“I don’t know Nick Fuentesi never heard him say, I’ve never seen a video, I don’t know what him views ” she told CBS News.

Madam. Green said she wanted to talk to young people about the politics of “America first”.

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