Sending with the inscription “decoration” was in opium poppy pods: federal


The cargo was found in Maryland.

Customs and border protection

A consignment of 13-pound poppy pods was seized in Maryland after border guards discovered that seeds containing natural opiates were being smuggled into the country.

Officials in Baltimore opened express shipping February 23 with the inscription “decoration”, which came from the United Kingdom, said in a statement the Customs and Border Protection Service.

Officers found pods in brown paper bags and checked seed samples. According to the release, the seeds tested positive for morphine and codeine, which are opiates commonly found in poppy seeds.

Although opium in poppy seeds is found in nature, only those licensed can import opium poppy from “legal sources in regulated countries,” according to the Border Guard Service.

“Consumers are prohibited from importing opium poppy pods and opium straw, which is a seedless poppy,” the release said. “… and growing opium poppies in the United States is illegal.”

Officers confiscated the poppy for destruction, the release said.

“Communities in the United States continue to fight the opioid epidemic, and so Customs and Border Services remain committed to intercepting supplies of opioids, including in their raw form, whenever we encounter them,” said Mark Calixtus. executive port CBP. director in Baltimore, in issue.

Mariah Rush is a national real-time reporter. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame and previously worked at The Chicago Tribune, The Tampa Bay Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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