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Shenyang, China, May 31, 2022 / PRNewswire / – The event to launch the “Five Types of Economy” application scenario and the signing ceremony of a major project took place in Shenyangthe capital of Northeast China Liaoning Province on May 27reports the Shenyang People’s Government Information Bureau.


The conference offers 729 scenario projects with investment opportunities worth 708.255 billion yuan. Officials from 13 Shenyang districts and counties signed contracts with 440 enterprises worth 283.57 billion yuan. The largest share is occupied by 266 innovative projects with a total investment 142.264 billion yuan. Ten foreign-funded projects have been signed, including the German DEKRA project, the cross-border e-commerce project in collaboration with duty-free shops in South Korea, and the Grammer-BMW console and armrest production line project, which features Shenyang strong attraction to the international market.

Leo Zhicheng, mayor of Shenyangsaid Shenyang is in a golden period of modernization with clear advantages in location, innovation, industry and policy. The development of the “five types of economy” is an important measure for Shenyang to develop a new economy.

Planning a list of draft scenarios for the “Five Types of Economy” application Shenyang contributes to the construction economy to form a completely new development scheme. Shenyang began to intensify construction resources last year. To date, the city has activated 3.5859 million square meters of buildings, and 113 buildings have brought new vitality to the economic development of the city. A total of 50 high-quality construction resources were launched at the conference, with cooperation opportunities of 1.824 million square meters.

In the future, Shenyang will consolidate the goal of building a city in the international center Northeast Asianational advanced production center and regional cultural and creative center, deepen the development of “five types of farms”, promote a comprehensive revival Shenyang.

Song Yanlin, director of the Liaoning Province Department of Commerce, said Shenyang had taken the initiative in developing and implementing a three-year “Five Types of Economy” action plan across the country to create an important strategic plan for the new development model. With the release of the list of the second batch of scenario projects “Five types of economy” and quality investment resources for construction, Shenyang will gradually enter a new mode of economic development and embark on a new path of development.

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Signature: Shenyang Five Types of Economy Economy Scenario Launch and Signing Ceremony of Major Projects

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